12 Best and Beautiful Beaches in New York

Beaches in New York: Beaches are the most unique and adorable attraction among different kinds of destinations. It seems endless like an open sky, so the mind of every visitor gets relieved and free. The Beaches are also considered as a part of a luxurious heaven. And popularly the tourist places of the beach are most visited with people and visitors.

Due to some facilities like shelter, watersports, to enjoy the view of the attraction etc are responsible for a large number of tourists and it is able to take the attention of every philosopher towards the beaches. It is said that in search of gold, the diamonds are found. Like this in search of outstanding attractions, the beach is found in the state of New York, United States.

New York is the most attractive and impressive state of the country of United States. Which is situated in the northeastern part of the country and surrounding with several mysterious and curious destination for which it has taken the place in the heart of every tourism. The located attractions in New York such as landmarks, monuments, museums, cities and as well as beaches.

Stunning Beaches in New York are take the important role to compel the people to explore to this attraction therefore, for this tourist places of beach here everybody can get to see the crowd of maximum tourists. For an amazing trip or to enjoy the vacation, it is an ideal place and also all are allowed to visit this places with friends, families, couples, relatives and can be visit alone also.

The beaches of New York increases its incredible view at the time of sunset and sunrise. In this time everyone can enjoy the significance of these beaches. Let’s us go to explore the unbelievable beaches which are located in the state of New York and all the information about best Beaches in Nova York are mentioned in the following paragraphs. So, enjoy the article and compliment us through the comment section.

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Brighton beach

beaches in New york

Brighton beach is one of the excellent attraction among best beaches in Nova York. Which is located in the southern part of the city of New York. This beach is seen along Coney Island and Atlantic Ocean coastline. It is an ideal tourist place to explore in the summer and in this time also lot of people are come to enjoy the features of this beach.

Many types of attractive view can be seen at this location and it allows everybody to visit it. Along this the beach is home to many public curious parks which is managed by New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. It is very good with past of ex-soviet settlers so, it is also known as ‘Little Odessa’. You can explore the total beach with walking along the boardwalk of the beach. And can enjoy the magnificence of its natural view.

Long beach

The oceanfront city in New York is called as Long beach. It is the another incredible attraction of the state of New York. The beach offers to do several activities such as swimming, bathing, surfing and fishing etc. It has stretched with white sand and that looks a large open area to long distance.

The boardwalk of this beach gives a mind-blowing experience at the time of exploring and it is about 3.5 kilometers long with the beach. After hurricane Sandy, it was reconstructed in the year of 2012 and it is an ideal place to enjoy the biking or walking. On nearby main roads you can get to find some delicious foods in Brixx and Barley Italian restaurants.

There is an incredible attraction is present which is called as Skudin Surf Long Beach that is seen on the right of the beach and give suggestions for surfing. So, enjoy the present features of the beach and praise its nature.

Main Beach

beaches in new york

One of the most beautiful beach of the state of New York is known as Main beach. It is very popular among the five beaches of village of East Hampton and Georgica & Wiborg are the nearby beaches of this destination. It is very popular and attractive in nature so, it has listed among best beaches in New York.

The beach is very quiet and peaceful with rock free sand and clear crystal water. The structure of the beach is enough to attract the tourism and their attention. The long stretch of sand creates a mesmerizing view and perfect location to visit.

If you enjoy its view heartily then your eye is sure that attached with the beautiful beach scenery. Not a bad tourist place to visit and it has several convience facilities for the tourism. Along this here you acn get to find parking space, restaurants and pubs aslo within few distance.

Orchard beach

The another unbelievable beach of the state of New York is known as Orchard beach. It is a public beach which is popularly known as Bronx Riviera. The amazing beach is located in the western region of long Island sound and also part of Pelham Bay Park. This beach is home to different kinds of attractions such as two picnic area, a parking space, and two playground etc.

In addition this destination also offers to explore several courts for handball, basketball, and volleyball. And the number of courts is about 26 which is managed by New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. With the different types of ambient this beach is very rich.

Since it is one of the popular attraction or beach of New York so, it has included in best beaches in New York. This place is also consist with white sand dunes and clear bluish water. Which are very attractive in nature.

Jacob Riis Park Beach

Beaches in New York , Jacob Riis Park Beach

One of the oldest recreational beaches is called as Jacob Riis park beach which was built in 1930s and after it named as Jacob A. Riis. This beach is located at Jacob Riis park in Queens and it has covered with Historic value. Popularly the beach is known as ‘The people’s beach’ and on the boardwalk, 4 faced clock are seen which was built in the year of 1891.

This beach has particular opening time and that period is from the months of May and September. Several types of watersports are allowed to do at here such as bathing, swimming and surfing etc. But this activities can be done from 10am – 6pm.

The entire beach is operated by National Park Service and the sand beach is expanded with Atlantic Ocean coastline. The beach of Jacob Riis park is consist of 14 bays on the Atlantic coast and located south side of the Rockaway peninsula.

Coney Island Beach

Beaches in New York , Coney Island Beach

The most popular beach in the State of New York is known as Coney Island beach. It is one of the outstanding destination among beautiful beaches in New York and located in Brooklyn. The summer is perfect to explore to the beach and in this time the destination stay crowded with the large number of people.

On Coney Island you can get to see an amusement park and nowadays this attraction is very popular for the Russian cuisine with vintage restaurant. For this present features this attraction draws millions of tourism throughout the year. At the beach you can use the amenities such as sport courts, playground, shower and bathroom etc.

This beach is also very suitable for watersports like surfing, swimming, bathing and fishing. Besides it the sand Dunes and the water of the beach are very attractive which are enough to represent the qualities and nature of this destination.

Jones beach State Park

Beaches in New York , Jones beach State Park

Another incredible attraction of the state of New York is known as Jones beach State park. It is one of the heart touching beach among stunning beaches in New York. This beach is attached with ocean beach with near about 10 kilometers.

It is an ideal destination to enjoy the attractive view of the beach of its crystal water and white sands. In the summer the place gets more pretty and a large number of people are found at here in this time.

Of this region it is the first public beach which was created in the year of 1929. And the another things to which people are very interested those are boardwalk cafe, two mile boardwalk, two swimming pools and Jones beach theater. This place is very perfect to enjoy the sunlight in day time. Along this everyone are allowed to swim, surfing, and bathing etc.

Cooper’s Beach

Cooper’s beach is the popular sea beach of the state of New York which is located in Southampton and also has gained much more fame in this region. Everyone are allowed to explore this and here you can experience most beautiful view. But there is some changes for non residents which is about $50 and have to pay fee for vehicle permit.

Here many food stalls and restaurants are seen nearby of this attraction. In addition you can enjoy the delicious foods at here. In day time the water of the sea glitter with sun light and the white sand are very attractive in their own natural look. Along this the waves of the sea is very suitable for surfing and swimming in the sea is a very interesting experience to which you can enjoy at any instant of time.

Robert Moses State Park, Fire Island

The another marvelous attraction of the state of New York is known as Robert Moses state park – Long Island. It is one of the most spectacular destination which is located in western end of fire island and the beach is attached with Atlantic Ocean. Like all the beaches in Nova York, it offers to do several water sports and activities.

And the activities are included with surfing, bathing, swimming, diving and snorkeling as well as fishing also. The coast line of this beach is about 5 miles and the scenic view of this attraction is able to attract millions of tourism throughout the year.

Along this on the location you can get to see first-aid office, shops, public restroom with any other facilities. Besides it the beach is divided with recreation fields and field 3 is the most attractive and oldest area of this region.

Rockaway Beach

Rockaway beach is one of the popular destination among beautiful beaches in New York. It is located in the city of New York of Queens and also considered as an urban beach of the country of United States. It is one of the largest beaches in New York which is very famous for its boardwalk and beach structure.

The beach has lots of experience about its history and ancient facts. So, if you want then you can gain some knowledge about this destination. Several people have the hand to develop the beach to look more good. The another name of this beach is “Irish Riviera” and the logic behind the name is a large number Irish American population who were staying at this region.

Along this place is very perfect to do several water included activities such as swimming, bathing, surfing and fishing etc. And on the boardwalk you can get a spectacular experience with walking.

Million Dollar beach

Million dollar beach is the so beautiful attraction of the state of New York, in lake George which is fulfilled with unbelievable scenic view. The beach is consist with interesting features such as public boat lunch, picnic spots view points and volleyball court etc. The beach is stretched with miles away and that is very famous for its clear beautiful water and white sand dunes.

Along this the beach offers to do some activities such as bathing, surfing, diving, and swimming etc. Due to the presence of these features the destination always stay crowded with the people and tourism. In the beach you have to obey some basic rules and the rules are prohibited of smoking, alcohol and pets etc. So, come to this destination to enjoy the crystal water and peaceful sand along attractive scenery.

Sandy Island beach

Sandy Island beach

An incredible beach is seen in New York is known as Sandy Island beach which is considered as bustling tourist place and that is located on eastern shore of Lake Ontario. Here everybody can get to see some plants and vegetations. In addition the view of this beach and the landscape of this destination is very rich and fabulous so, a large number people are come to this spot as visitor for visiting.

The region is included with some facilities such as changing rooms, rest rooms, swimming areas and several lakes. Along this in the summer the parking area is charged with some payments and managed by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

For the rough waves the sea gets more suitable for surfing and any other activities. So, it is not a bad tourist destination and you can explore this with your friends or family

Where to stay in New York

New York is one of the largest and popular place of the country of United States so, to explore all the beautiful beaches in New York is not possible in one day or few days. To enjoy all the magnificent destinations have to book favorable accommodation to stay in the state of New York.

And in the article you can find best budget hotels or restaurants according to your convience. From low price hotels to high budget hotels all are mentioned in the following paragraphs. Just you have to select the accommodation about your desire.

Iberostar 70 Park Avenue

It is one of the outstanding hotels in New York which is located in 70 Park Avenue, Murray Hill, New York, NY. In the hotel you can get several facilities about your necessity. The hote is very caring about the health and safety. With the walk of less than 10 minutes from grand Central station, you can achieve the hotel.

The rooms of the hotel is attached with best accessories such as flat screen tv, free WiFi and iPad docking station etc. Along with the parking space, fitness centre and smoking prohibited rooms are acting as amenities at here.

Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino

The another great hotel which is featured with good amenities is called as Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino. It is located in 777 Seneca Allegany Boulevard, Salamanca, NY. The interesting attraction you can get to see here that is indoor swimming pool where you experience a beautiful swimming and bathing. The rooms of the hotel is accessible with flat screen cable tv, refrigerator and free WiFi with access internet all types of facilities are available in the hotel.

In addition the bathroom are included with shower, private bathroom, toilet, free toiletries and hairdryer etc. From the hotel you can enjoy the attractive view of the mountains in outside. Besides it here many types of activities are done such as Bingo, live sports events, happy hours and evening entertainment etc.

Red Roof Inn Batavia

The best accommodation of the state of New York is called as Red Roof Inn Batavia. With is very rich with its present features and it is located in 8204 Park Road, Batavia, NY. The hotel has gained much good reviews from the customers. And the hotel offers to use fitness center, free wifi, free parking and access the internet.

The rooms of the hotel is very good with the amenities such as air conditioner, flat screen tv, telephone, radio and alarm clock etc. The outdoor space is featured with outdoor furniture, outdoor dining area, patio and terrace etc. Here the customers can conversate with the languages of English, Spanish and Hindi.

Country Inn & Suites by Radisson Lake George

One of the fabulous hotels in New York is known as Country Inn & Suites by Radisson Lake George which is located in 1130 Route 9, Lake George, NYRed Roof Inn Batavia. The hotel is agreed to take all the responsibility for your health and safety. First aid kit and face masks for the guests are available at here.

The hotel is facilitated with both indoor and outdoor pool, free parking, and very well bathroom etc. The bathrooms of the hotel are involved with toilet papers, towels, additional toilets, shower, private bathroom, free toiletries and hairdryer etc. As outdoor amenities you can get to find picnic area, outdoor furniture, sun terrace and BBQ facilities etc.

The Box House Hotel

The hotel is featured with excellent facilities which is situated in 77 Box Street, Brooklyn, NY. The hotel is offered with several essential products and things. Like the wifi at here is totally free and the free internet can access. On site restaurants and Brooklyn Lantern are present at the hotel for the guests and the customer can enjoy this features.

Each rooms of the hotel is attached with 42 inches flat screen tv, a sofa bed, and kitchen etc. The kitchen is offered with children’s high chair, coffee machine, electric kettle, and refrigerator. Many types of activities are also allowed at here such as themed dinner night, movie nights, horse riding, cycling, hiking and fishing as well as golf course.

Best time to visit New York

Before visiting to a city, state or destination you should have some knowledge about the weather of that place. In which month the place is perfect to explore that we should know. So, the importance question that sure come to the every tourist that is best time to visit. When to explore the destination ? To get the answer of this types of questions, follow and read to the following paragraphs.

Almost for the cheapest budget most of people are chose to winter season to explore the state of New York. Because this time all types of accommodation are gotten in few charge. And the season falls from December – March. In this time most of tourist places are favorable to explore.

The maximum and minimum atmospheric temperature of this destination in winter are 7° celcius and -3° celcius respectively. So, you have a primary necessity of sufficient winter clothes with you.

In the spring you can also explore this destination without any problems and the season can experience in the months of March – June. These months offer to visitors to do some activities at here. And the State of New York gets more pretty due to number of flowers because this time the flowers are blooming everywhere with colourful body.

The average atmospheric temperature of this location in this time is about 15° celcius which gives a perfect experience to explore new York.

Among all the seasons the season of summer is perfect and best time to visit to the state of New York. Since we are included about best beaches in New York so, most of people are selected to this time to explore the beaches. In the summer everybody can experience a great and outstanding feelings about the beaches.

This season comes from June to September and in this time the Beaches of new York draw a large number of people as visitor. The highest atmospheric temperature is about 29° celcius and lowest temperature is about 17° celcius at New York. So, come to this destination in the given months according to your convenience.

How to reach New York

New York is a popular state of the country of United States so, to access the place is very easy and simple. But for the non residents it may create a bit difficult to reach at this destination. So, the main question is ‘How to reach in new York in convience way ?’ The information about this context given below slightly read and gain knowledge.

By Road: To travel by road is very easy to reach the state of New York. The place can be accessed by buses, cars or private vehicles because the routes of this city is well connected with other major highways of another cities.

The main thing is that you have to choose your best route to reach at the destination. The buses in New York are provided by public and private organizations. During the rush time, you can find many traffics which is a modest worry.

By Air: If you are travelling by air then it sure be a great experience of your trip. Because by this route you achieve your destination as fast and lenient. But the travelling by air is high budget have to require. So, according to your desire you can choose the Aeroplan.

The nearest airport to New York is LaGuardia Airport (LGA) which is located within the distance of 11 kilometers. After landing at this airport you can hire the cars or taxis for your remaining trips.

By rail: New York can be reach by rail. There are several perfect railway station are available to travel everywhere. By the rail you can achieve the destination without any problems because the railway station is very nearest to new York which is called as city hall station and that is located at the distance of 200 ft from the city of New York. Now you have the lot options to make your trip by.


From the above said article we all are concluded that many beaches are found in the state of New York but we have mentioned best of them. All the beautiful beaches in New  York are very rich with their natural formation and landscape. In the another word they are the attractive part of the heaven to which you should not miss out as visitor.

And it is our promise that you will never disappoint by visiting the given attractions. So, the suggestion is that rescue a short period time of your busy life and enjoy the priceless features of these destinations. Thank you.

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