17 Best and Most Amazing Beaches in Sao Paulo

Best Beaches in Sao Paulo: There is no doubt that Sao Paulo is a top holiday destination in all over Brazil, in fact all over the World. It is considered one of the top attractions among the millions of people. This city is especially known for its vibrant culture, delicious foods, and exciting activities. Apart from that there are many beautiful beaches in this city and all the beaches are very famous for their beautiful attractions.

Are you planning to visit the San Paulo beaches? It’s no secret that summer travel is the main reason visitors visit Brazil. After all, it has some of South America’s greatest beaches in addition to being a stunning, tropical nation. Brazil’s beaches are quite breathtaking.

While Sao Paulo’s northern shore boasts paradisiacal spots, Rio de Janeiro’s beaches are significantly more well-known. Sao Paulo has beaches to suit every preference, including serene areas for lounging, remote locations excellent for daring sports, calm seas great for swimming, and large waves for surfing.

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17 Best beaches in Sao Paulo

There are a lot of stunning beaches in Sao Paulo. In this article, we will take a look 17 best Beaches in Sao Paulo, that help you to explore the most beautiful beaches in Sao Paulo. This São Paulo beach has been awarded the Blue Flag many times, a worldwide symbol of the beach’s high standards for quality and environmental preservation.

Beyond that, Praia do Tombo is known for its large waves, which draw young explorers and surfers.  But many families with kids also find the broad stretch of beach and the calm waters of the seashore appealing, since they may relish sunny days in Guarujá.

1. Maresias Beach

Numerous surfing circuits and contests are held at Maresias Beach. Canto do Moreia, at the right end of the beach, provides great conditions for creative movements. If someone wants to become serious about surfing, they may rent boards from local shops and even sign up for lessons at some of the area’s schools, such as Gabriel Medina’s surfing school.

Maresias Beach is a great place to surf, but it’s also great for swimming and tanning. Maresias is the ideal place to spend a holiday in Brazil because of its lengthy stretch of beach, first-rate facilities, and exciting nightlife.

2. Best Beaches in Sao Paulo, Castelhanos

Castellanos is regarded as one of Brazil’s and São Paulo’s most exquisite beaches.There’s a large stretch of sandy beach that divides the almost unspoiled woodland from the blue ocean. These few little family-run refreshment shops are the only signs of civilization in the region. Beyond that, routes starting in Castelhanos reach a waterfall and neighboring beaches.

Only a limited number of 4×4 cars, motorbikes, and bicycles are permitted on the 22km gravel road leading to this remote beach each day. At a reasonable cost, local travel services can transport visitors to a beautiful beach shaped like a heart.

3. Best Beaches in Sao Paulo, Juquehy

Encircled by refined lodgings, bustling constantly, and brimming with eateries and shops, Juquehy is the perfect location for travelers seeking a vibrant atmosphere. Juquehy’s business is not as established as Maresias’, and the neighborhood has more of an apartment complex aesthetic.

Juquehy seems to be more carefree. It’s always busiest in the heart of the beach, but you may discover empty spaces by walking to its edges. Praia de Juquehy’s sea is normally quite calm, making it a great place for families with young children. The right end of the beach is the spot to go if you’d rather have a few more waves and maybe even try surfing.

4. Praia Vermelha do Centro

The location is particularly appealing to those who want to blend style and utility. Praia Vermelha do Sul is a popular destination for athletes and young people because of its strong surfing waves. The locals know that here is the spot to be for partygoers who want to end their night with a stunning daybreak. In peak season, it’s also a well-known luau location. Praia Vermelha do Centro is the ideal beach if you’re searching for a bustling yet uncrowded area.

5. Portinho

Part of the Ilha das Cabras Submarine Ecological Sanctuary, Portinho is a quaint beach in Ilhabela. Obviously, in order to protect the sanctuary, fishing, hunting, and collecting aquatic life are strictly forbidden. However, Portinho’s 10 m water clarity makes it perfect for diving and seeing wildlife. There aren’t many parking spaces and food and beverage booths along this short beach (around 60 meters). One of the nicest things to do in Brazil is to order a caipirinha and enjoy it while admiring the scenery.

6. Sao Sebastiao

Jureia hasn’t changed much, but there are a few summer homes scattered throughout. With the Atlantic Forest’s hills protecting it on both ends, Jureia Beach is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Sao Sebastiao. Past there, there’s a section of this beach with lovely white sand that’s surrounded by almond and coconut trees. Despite its roughness, the sea is safe to swim in and bathe in. Don’t get us wrong, there are a few stands selling food and drinks here, but no restaurants or bars.

7. Picinguaba Beach

You arrive to Picinguaba Beach and then Fora Beach. Although it’s a lovely location on the island, it’s not your ultimate goal. Head to the larger and more picturesque Couves Beach via a 5-minute hike trail. A scene to remember is the enormous trees encircling the blue-greenish water!

Ilha das Couves only has two beaches, there are chances to witness a huge crowd in the season. The most southern city in the area, Paraty, is less than an hour away and has stunning colonial architecture if you wish to take a road trip through it.

8. Ipanema Beach

Sao Paulo is a city with many beaches and an Atlantic Ocean shoreline. One of São Paulo’s most well-known beaches is Ipanema Beach. Brazil boasts a number of outstanding beaches. One of the most stunning beaches in the nation is Bonete Beach, an 18-kilometer expanse of sand on the island of Ilhabela, which sits off the coast of São Paulo. Based on your budget and desired sights, this article will help you choose which hotels to stay at in your city. One notably big beach in this area is Praia da Boraceia. The Blue Flag, an emblem of superior quality and environmental standards.

9. Pernambuco beach

Sao Paulo’s beaches stretch over 80 km in length. Wide, sandy beaches to the north, such as the more upscale Pernambuco beach, complement the sandy Pitangueiras and Astrias near the town center. Everyone may find something to do in Sao Paulo, whether they want to go boating, swimming, or tanning. Furthermore, you can easily visit every beach without a car because there are so many of them within walking distance of the city. If you are looking for a great time then Pernambuco Beach is also the finest place and is considered one of the best beaches in Sao Paulo.

10. Best Beaches in Sao Paulo, Santosh Beach

Santosh Beach is situated in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, in the city of Santos. It is a well-liked vacation spot because to its stunning beaches and close proximity to São Paulo. Because of the beach’s powerful waves, surfing is also quite popular there. It lies a short distance from São Paulo, on the coast of Santos.

Rio Grande dos Rancheros, which is composed primarily of modern high-rise hotels, is comparable in size and atmosphere to Rio Grande dos Rancheros. The distance between the city and Sao Paulo-Guarulhos Airport is 120 kilometers. In Santos, Santos Beach is a well-liked beach location. A four-mile length of green space beside the roadway divides it from the walkway and the highway.

11. Caraguatatuba

Caraguatatuba is a group of seventeen beaches, each with a distinct personality. Many also have native names that originate from the original Guarani and Tupi peoples that lived in the region during Portuguese colonization. Try jet skiing off Mocóca, kayak at Tabatinga, play beach volleyball in Indaiá, or take in the view of Ilhabela from a distance on Massaguaçu.

The well-heeled population spends their Brazilian summers in luxury high-rises fronting the coast; close-in beaches like the main strand at Centro, the nightclub-heavy Martin de Sá, and tiny Prainha with its sharp jutting of Pedra do Jacaré (Alligator Rock) are popular with these people. Go to the less populated beaches if you want to swim or surf alone. Overall Caraguatatuba is one of the best beaches in Sao Paulo.

12. Avenida Atlantica

Avenida Atlantica, a busy promenade covered with mosaics, is the focal point of this famous (and congested) 2 1/2-mile strip of beach, which is surrounded by high-rise hotels in the foreground, mountains in the distance, and people-watching opportunities in between.

While many beachgoers choose to swim and surf in the azure seas of Copacabana or tan in the sun, some choose to engage in land-based activities instead: It’s not unusual to see groups of people enjoying spontaneous dance parties or playing soccer—yes, Brazilians know how to have a great time. Plan to get a refreshing drink from one of the many booths along the beach and watch the festivities develop. 

13. Praia Santos Canal

It is also known as Channel 2 Beach of Sao Paulo. You can enjoy swimming and other amazing activities here on this beach. It has a lot to offer its tourists apart from that you have an opportunity to explore a collection of exotic water sports. You can also try some of the best dishes of this area in the café and restaurants located near the beach area. This beach is ideal for a day out, water activities, sight, and other activities.

14. Barra da Tijuca

Rio’s longest beach, Barra da Tijuca, runs an incredible 11 miles. Many of the Summer Olympics 2016 sites will be located here, thanks to its consistently great surf and sea conditions. It should come as no surprise that Barra has developed into a haven for athletes, drawing throngs of bodyboarders, kite surfers, long and short board surfers, and windsurfers who take advantage of the ideal waves.

If they’re more inclined to join the crowd than to observe from the sandy shoreline, beginners can visit one of the several surf schools located along the beach to sign up for a session. Don’t worry if you start to get hungry; there are plenty of booths along the beach that serve food and coconut water.

15. Prainha Beach

Another one of the Best beaches in Sao Paulo, Prainha beaches is a top tourist attraction in the State. It is a gorgeous crescent of sand bordered by mountains covered in rainforests and utterly serene. Although families frequently enjoy the quiet shoreline here, surfers are drawn to the area by the silky, white beaches and the vivid blue waves.

A few kiosks are available for purchasing food and beverages. Travelers find that taking a cab from their hotel is the easiest way to get to Prainha because public transit is difficult to use to get there. Make a fixed-rate reservation for a cab in advance with your concierge.

16. Praia Vermelha

If you want to spend relax time then Praia Vermelha is a great option. It is Considered one of the best beaches in Sao Paulo. Although Praia Vermelha is one of Rio’s smallest beaches, it offers visitors a lot: in addition to the reddish-hued sands and private setting, there’s a mile-long paved hiking trail along the rocky coastline and a cable car that takes visitors to the top of 1,300-foot-tall Sugarloaf Mountain (known as Pão de Açúcar in Portuguese).

Because the beach is located in a cove, the protected region usually experiences calm waters. At the back of the beach is a little park. Make time to stop by one of the kiosks here for a cheap snack and unwind while taking in the view of the beach and the mountains in the background. Once more, using a cab is the most convenient method to go to Vermelha; make reservations via your hotel.

17. Praia da Boraceia

One of the biggest beaches in this area is Praia da Boraceia. Boraceia has a broad stretch of sand, making it a great place for sports enthusiasts. It’s a great place to ride, play soccer, paddleball, jog, and stroll. Boraceia’s shallow, calm sea is a hit with families with young children.

Boraceia is a popular beach in São Paulo even though it isn’t one of the most beautiful because it’s spacious, calm, and has convenient parking. It’s the perfect beach for people who like less developed beaches because there aren’t any high buildings there, and the majority of the restaurants are kiosks on the sand.

What is the best time to visit Sao Paulo?

Sao Paulo is brimming with culture and history. It is a huge, globally renowned metropolis that is rich in history, class, and cosmopolitanism. With some of Brazil’s top museums, restaurants, streets, and attractions, Sao Paulo is an excellent destination.

There are many intriguing things to do in Sao Paulo, one of the liveliest and most entertaining cities in Brazil, so tourists should not be disappointed. Visitors may enjoy a wide variety of activities in Sao Paulo, such as touring the city’s stunning historical sites, indulging in some of the mouthwatering local cuisine, and discovering some of the city’s renowned museums.

Around 27°C (81°F) is the average high temperature, while around 18°C (64°F) is the average low temperature. With an average of around 160 mm each month, rainfall is heavy. With an average high temperature of around 28°C (82°F) and an average low temperature of about 19°C (66°F), this month is usually the wettest. This month often has the highest amount of rainfall, with an average of 240 mm.

February is similar to January in that it has highs of around 28°C (82°F), lows of about 19°C (66°F), and an average of about 220 mm of rainfall. Highs typically reach 27°C (81°F), a small drop from previous month’s highs of 18°C (64°F). Rainfall also declines, however it still amounts to a considerable 160 mm on average.

Conclusion: Best Beaches in Sao Paulo

These are some of the most popular and best beaches of San Paulo. However, most visitors only get to see one of the largest cities in the world from the inside of Guarulhos Airport or through the window of a cab. This city is actually among the most lively, fascinating, colorful, and culturally diverse in the world, not just in Brazil. Here are a few justifications for including São Paulo in your Brazilian travel plans. So if you are coming to Brazil and want to explore stunning beaches then it is a great place to explore all the best beaches in Sao Paulo.

FAQs: Best Beaches in Sao Paulo

Q: Does San Paulo beaches offer parking?

A: Most of the beaches of San Paulo offers parking before a few steps of the beach walking trail.

Q: Can we try water activities in San Paulo beaches?

A: There are various activities available on some beaches, it would be better to enquire before you step ahead towards San Paulo.

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