17 Best and Beautiful Lakes in Minnesota

Best Lakes in Minnesota: Minnesota is nicknamed as the land of 10000 lakes. Minnesota has 90,000 miles of shoreline that surpasses and combines the length of California, Florida and Hawaii. There are several great lakes which combine the most significant continuous flow of the water. The Great Lakes include the most significant continuous freshwater flow of all these lakes.

Most of these lakes are natural and formed by the blessings of nature and offer breathtaking views. Tourists love to come here for a day out, sightseeing, camping, picnics, or photography. Most of the lakes are accessible using public transport. You can reach some locations after a small hike.

There are various popular lakes like Lake Superior, Little Boy, Summer Lake etc. There are several motivations for organizing a trip to Minnesota, but if you’re unfamiliar with Minnesota, picking the ideal time to come might be difficult. We’ll lay out all of your options here so you can schedule your trip at the most convenient time.

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17 The Best Lakes in Minnesota

Here are some of the most popular and Best lakes in Minnesota which will excite you to spend a great time here.

1. Lake Superior

Best Lakes in Minnesota, Lake Superior

It should come as no surprise that lakes are vital to the economy, given their abundance of water. The Minnesota Lakes has a beautiful shoreline having record of over 3.5 million annual visitors moreover it is also popular for generating over $1 billion in income for the state.

Lake superior is an ideal place to enjoy the natural life and natural glimps. There are numerous which can be found in the Lake Superior basin, and the Gunflint Trail is an excellent location for bird watching, with a wide variety of species along its flight path. Enjoying a cruise, exploring the sandy beach region, fishing, hiking, or seeing a lighthouse are examples of family-friendly activities.

2. The Great Sand Lake

The Great Sand Lake defines its name with sandy beaches with crystal-clear water that are encircled by trees. Then Big Sand Lake stretched to 1,600 acres and is located in Minnesota’s stunning Northwest region.

There are just two resorts along the shorelines; therefore, locals tend to choose this location over visitors. The lake may be a little calmer here, but there are still lots of activities to enjoy. With activities like jet skiing, waterskiing, and kneeboarding, this is a great spot to take the whole family for some summertime fun.

3. Best Lakes in Minnesota, Lake Burntside

Best Lakes in Minnesota, Lake Burntside

Saint Louis County is home to this 7,319-acre lake. Bluegill, Golden Shiner, Green Sunfish, Rainbow Smelt, Rock Bass, Yellow Perch, Walleye, and many other species are abundant for fishermen to catch.

A few resorts with log cabins that date back to the early 1900s are located along the beach. These would be the ideal escape from the hectic daily schedules. There are more than 100 islands in the lake and this lake’s deepest point is 126 feet.

Boating, swimming in the pristine waterways, fishing, hiking, and other activities are among the popular things to do here. Anyone traveling through the area in the sweltering summer months would have to experience this encounter without a doubt.

4. Lake Clamshell

Best Lakes in Minnesota, Lake Clamshell

A popular family destination in central Minnesota is Clamshell Lake, often called the Whitefish Chain of Lakes, with its glistening waters and sandy shore. The most incredible depth of the surface, which spans more than 189 acres, is 44 feet. Hardwood pines blanket the beach.

There is a ton of summertime family-friendly entertainment to be had here. Paddle boating, kayaking, boating, horseback riding, canoeing, and visiting the many islands along the river are popular activities for the many tourists that are observed. This lake offers a variety of walleye, big and smallmouth bass, and crappie for anglers.

This lake has walleye, big and smallmouth bass, and a variety of crappie. Catching fish up to 21 inches in length is possible, along with hybrid sunfish, brown bullhead, tullibee, yellow bullhead, white sucker, and other species. Stay a couple of nights in one of the numerous vacation cottages around the lake, or head four miles away to explore the Paul Bunyan State Trail.

5. Lake Clearwater

Best Lakes in Minnesota, Lake Clearwater

This 3,158-acre lake, which is located in Wright County, has a depth of around 73 feet. Development along the waterfront has been popular, and it offers excellent opportunities for boating, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, wakeboarding, and tubing. Fish such as Rock Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, Pumpkinseed, Largemouth Bass, Green Sunfish, Yellow Bullhead, Bluegill, Black Crappie, Carp, and many more are anticipated by anglers.

Beside the hut sites, this is a backcountry camping area near Lake Clearwater. It is a simple reserve where camping is allowed for the night: restroom and water (which needs to be boiled before consuming). There is an honesty box near Lake Clearwater. Beautiful views of the mountains and lakes. It is legal to jet boat on the Lake.

Dogs are not permitted at all at Lake Clearwater or Lake Camp. Dog owners violate the Dog Control Bylaw and are subject to liability under Section 20(5) of the Dog Control Act. If an owner is discovered with a dog in any of these reserves, they will be fined $300.​

6. Lake Crane

Lake Crane

Discover summertime thrills and enjoyment at family-friendly Crane Lake. There’s always something to do, whether it’s swimming, bird watching, canoeing, hiking, golfing, paddling, snorkeling, stargazing, or seeing the variety of species.

Located 28 miles northeast of Orr, Minnesota, lies this 3,088-acre lake. Savor privacy in the middle of nature while exploring the many cliffs, trees, paths, and waterfalls that surround you. The lake’s lowest point is eighty feet below the surface. Along its northern shoreline, it also forms a boundary with Voyageurs National Park.

7. Cross Lake

Consider traveling to Cross Lake if you’re looking for a bit of elegance mixed with modernity. This well-liked recreation area is a portion of the 14 lakes that make up the Whitefish Chain of Lakes in central Minnesota. Camping, holiday accommodations, and outdoor pursuits like boating, swimming, and fishing are all available here.

There are picnic places for your whole group, a public boat ramp, a children’s play area, and a beach for swimmers. Cross Lake is famous among locals and tourists as it offers various activities along with natural glimpses.

8. Lake Farm Island

Best Lakes in Minnesota, Lake Farm Island

Ojibwa Indians previously lived at Farm Island Lake, which got its name from the largest of its three islands. With more than 2,000 acres, this lake is big enough for a variety of water sports and includes two public boat access sites. Along the coastline, there are two lodges in the resort style. Due to its reputation for having a large walleye population that draws anglers from all around, this location is an excellent option for many anglers.

A true pleasure in Central Minnesota is Farm Island Lake. The largest of the lake’s three tiny islands, 29-acre Farm Island, is named for the Ojibwa people who formerly lived there and used it as a vast farm area. It now houses a few opulent private residences that are only reachable by boat.

The largest of the lake’s three tiny islands, 29-acre Farm Island, is named for the Ojibwa people who formerly lived there and used it as a vast farm area. It now houses a few opulent private residences that are only reachable by boat. There are a few houses on the other two little islands as well.

One of Farm Island Lake’s most remarkable aspects is its wild, untamed area; trees abundantly shade the few upscale house complexes and are well-spaced along the mostly immaculate coastline.

9. Elmo Lake

Lake Elmo is located on St. Paul’s eastern border. Apart from the natural sights you can also enjoy activities like swimming, paddling, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, or boating. The Lake Elmo Park Preserve is situated on a section of the coastline. This lake offers activities like camping, a boat launch, an archery range, and a number of hiking and biking paths. Elmo Lake offers excellent views along with soft sand adventure activities etc; do not forget to wear sunscreen.

10. Little Boy Lake

Little Boy Lake combines to provide a unique and thrilling experience. This lake is located in the northern part of Minnesota and spans around 1,300 acres and offers adventure activities also in this area. Little Boy Lake is among the most excellent lakes in Minnesota, offering things to do for people of all ages.

Resorts and private lakefront vacation accommodations are available to lake lovers. Climb the stairs to a dock where kayaks and canoes are waiting for you to enjoy. During any time of day, paddle along the waters to see birds soaring overhead or fishermen sinking their hooks into the water.

With a maximum depth of 74 feet and an average depth of 24 feet, Little Boy Lake is renowned for being a clean lake. It is best known for walleye and northern pike, but anglers travel there for a chance at record muskie.

11. Summer Lake

Summer lakes in Minnesota are likely to offer a plethora of possibilities for a memorable experience in the shining sand. This iconic lake covers 4,156 acres and is also considered as the state’s list of cleanest lakes. Summer Lake is a favorite outing point for many locals and tourists as it has clean crystal clear water to offer the visitors and they can also enjoy some of the main fun activities. Visitors can try swimming, and water sports in this area or watch a beautiful sunset in the natural paradise of Summer Lake.

No doubt that it is an iconic and most of popular destination of Minnesota where people come and enjoy a memorable day. It’s quite the sight, as the ordinarily clear water seems to become a brilliant blue-green. With these picturesque locations, The lake is the ideal destination because of its breathtaking views, vast bike routes, and camping areas. Make reservations at one of these top hotels close to Deer Lake for the weekend.

12. Leech Lake

For tourists and residents who love going on fishing adventures, Leech Lake is yet another fantastic fishing location. In the state of Minnesota, this lake is among the top three biggest lakes. Its size is around 102,947.83 acres, its shoreline spans 195 kilometers, and its depth is an astounding 156 feet.

The lake is located in Cass County, halfway between Bemidji and Brainerd, and is about an hour’s drive from the Twin Cities urban region. Entirely encircled by the “Chippewa National Forest,” it functions as the county’s reservoir. With its eleven islands and several bays around the shore, the lake is a great place for excursions, including fishing.

The Walker region and Leech Lake were constructed on a glacier’s remnants. Walker’s hills and the surrounding environs are made up of three ridges that were left behind by the glacier as it retreated.

The distinctive form and multitude of bays in Leech Lake, which are excellent locations for fishing and provide optimal aquatic ecosystems, are the result of glacial activity combined with the region’s distinct geological composition.

13. Mille Lacs

Mille Lacs

The advantages that Mille Lacs Lake has to offer are perfect for you. It’s regarded as Minnesota’s most excellent lake for fishing. Walleye, Muskie, Northern Pike, Large and Smallmouth Bass, and Jumbo Perch are among the species that are commonly caught in the lake.

The local guides are amiable and will assist you in locating the ideal location for your fishing excursions. The 132,000-acre lake, which is also the second-largest lake in Minnesota, has a maximum depth of more than 40 feet, making it relatively shallow.

Mille Lacs Lake has an abundance of different types of fish, and it is a popular place to go fishing. Specific water fishing laws that are based on the fish species present here apply to fishing in Mille Lacs Lake. Visit the Department of Natural Resources Mille Lacs Lake fishing rules website to review them. The perfect place for this little walleye relative to flourish is Mille Lacs Lake.

It congregates beneath shallow rock piles, weed beds, or channels, moving in school formations. This is a predatory fish, and the population in Mille Lacs Lake is small.

14. Lake Harriet

Lake Harriet

This lake is also quite amazing to both residents and tourists. The lake is located in the southwest part of Minneapolis, between Minnehaha Creek and Bde Maka Ska. The lake is around 335 acres in size and reaches a maximum depth of 85 feet. Because of its closeness to the city, the lake is a well-liked leisure area.

In addition to the lake’s encircling bike and pedestrian paths, people utilize it for sailing. This lake is even more well-known because of its two beaches, which draw a lot of tourists in the summer. A bandshell with refreshments and live entertainment is located on the northern side of this fantastic lake. Living on this lake would be amazing. Please view our whole Lake Harriet YouTube video here.

15. Best Lakes in Minnesota, Lake Pepin

Seeing Lake Pepin is essential. The lake is recognized as the water sking pioneer. Apart from the plethora of animals and plentiful lake life, this location offers an array of various watersports and leisure pursuits. Lake Pepin is a fantastic day trip destination from Minneapolis, about an hour and fifteen minutes away from the city core.

This lake forms a natural boundary between Wisconsin and Minnesota on the Mississippi River. Additionally, this lake provides the perfect recreational location for everyone, whether you are traveling alone, with family, or in a group.

16. Ten Mile Lake

Ten Mile Lake

At Ten Mile Lake, dive deep. Scuba divers and snorkelers love this hotspot. Scuba enthusiasts may enjoy the ultimate dive in one of Minnesota’s deepest lakes, with a maximum depth of 200 feet. It covers an area of more than 5,000 acres as well. Ten Mile Lake is another great option where people come for water Sports, diving, camping, water sports, and cabin rentals are all available to suit the interests of most people. This is also an amazing location for fishing.

In northwest Minnesota, Ten Mile Lake is close to the town of Hackensack. Without question, Minnesota is a fantastic state for exploration. Summer lakes in Minnesota are likely to offer a plethora of possibilities for fun in the sun, with so much to do and so many lakes to pick from. Then, use my guides and information pages to continue loving the Minnesota lake life.

17. Best Lakes in Minnesota, Bemidji Lake

Best Lakes in Minnesota, Bemidji Lake

Bemidji is a freshwater glacial lake located in the northern part of Minnesota. It is also considered as budget-friendly location where you can spend the entire day. You can try kayaking, canoeing, and fishing activities in Bemidji Lake. Additionally, many of the paths around the lake are great for biking and walking if you want to go for a stroll. In the winter, several of these paths are ideal for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

The lake is the city’s main attraction, in fact. The Mississippi River, at its source in Itasca State Park, passes through Lake Bemidji. Several local events are held in downtown Bemidji, which is located close to the lake. The famous Paul and Babe monument is situated close to the visitor center on the lakeshore.

Best time to visit Minnesota

Minnesota offers the unique opportunity to experience all four seasons, often in a single day. This is one of its most outstanding features. Though you may have a fantastic time in Minnesota year-round, summer and fall are often the finest times to come. Summertime brings with it lots of sunshine, mild temperatures, and outdoor exploration possibilities.

In Minnesota, summer officially begins in June and lasts until the end of August. With its changing foliage and crisper air, fall is one of the most beautiful seasons in Minnesota. The traditional fall months are September and October; however, the changing leaves don’t stay long. The summers in Minnesota are typically hot and bright, with very few days of rain.

The typical temperature is from 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Although they are less likely, lower or higher temperatures are still possible. The fall season in Minnesota is dry, with little or no rain. The leaves on the trees start to fall as the air gets drier.

Many people avoid Minnesota once fall has ended because of the frigid temperatures and apparently never-ending snowfall. However, if you enjoy winter activities like skiing and snowmobiling, this place is undoubtedly heaven for you. Here, spring is the last season. However, it doesn’t happen very often because winter usually takes its place.

In Minnesota, the extended winter season nearly completely supplants the spring. However, we are often fortunate enough to experience spring for a month or so before summer arrives. In Minnesota, spring usually arrives in April or May. However, the exact timing varies year based on how long winter lasts. May brings with it temperatures ranging from 50° to 70°F and lots of rainy days.

Conclusion: Best Lakes in Minnesota

Minnesota is a nest of lakes, and I hope these best lakes in Minnesota will help you to decide where to go next. These Minnesota Lakes are also a paradise of various activities, and tourists can spend a great time with their loved ones here. It is in one of the north-central states of the United States, where you can spot multiple lakes with exotic views and silk-soft golden sand.

The state is well known for outdoor activities among locals and tourists, and people come here to get some cozy memories near the lakeside. I hope the report mentioned above on famous lakes in Minnesota will help you to visit these lakes more conveniently.

FAQ: Best Lakes in Minnesota

Q: Which is the most visited and best Lakes in Minnesota?

A: There are multiple lakes that tourists of this area visit, while Lake Superior, Cross Lake, and Ten Mile Lakes are favorites among the tourists.

Q: Which is the most popular Lake in Minnesota?

A: Lake Superior is one of the most popular lakes in Minnesota, while there are many other lakes that are described above that also attract a good crowd towards them.

Q: What are the family-friendly lakes of Minnesota?

A: Lake Superior, Lake Bemidji, and Cross Lakes are popular and family-friendly lakes in Minnesota.

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