16 Best and Beautiful Beaches in Cuba

Best Beaches in Cuba: Cuba is a dream of millions due to its alluring beaches and attractions. Some beaches feel like time hasn’t changed from decades while some are filled with modern charm.  When you visit Cuba, it’s like going back in time with big old buildings and streets made of rocks. They remind you of the days when pirates sailed around the Caribbean.

The bewitching blue Cuba beaches are also happening and offer various activities. Bookmark this report to get more information in detail about the best beaches in Cuba.

Here we will discuss about some of the best beaches in Cuba. All these beaches are easily accessible and you can reach here by using Cuban buses called’ Gauges’ or get a taxi or rent a car. However, hitchhiking can be a low-cost and interesting way to travel there, If you are on a tight budget or want an adventure.

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1. Playa Paraiso

Beaches in Cuba, Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso, or Paradise Beach, is the stunning and almost untouched beach of Cuba. It’s famous for its clean white sandy shores and bright blue water that sparkles. In 2016, it was ranked as the third most beautiful beach in the world by tourist’s Choice. One of its special effects is the really calm water, which is different from most other strands in Cuba.

Indeed, though the utmost of the action happens at Playa Sirena, which is a short 20-minute walk from Playa Paraiso, this sand itself is peaceful. It’s a great place to escape the busy vibes of a typical Cuban beach city.

Indeed, though the utmost of the action happens at Playa Sirena, which is a short 20-minute walk from Playa Paraiso, this sand itself is peaceful. It’s a great place to get down from the busy vibes of a typical Cuban beach city.

You will not find fancy hotels right by the beach, but there is a snack bar where you can get fresh juice. The hospices are a bit far down, but you can use hacks, scooters, jeeps, or shuttle services to go between the hostel area and the sand.

2. Varadero Beach

Beaches in Cuba, Varadero Beach

Varadero Beach is one of the most notorious strands in Cuba, perfect for a relaxing Cuban sand holiday. It’s like a full package deal with everything you’d want. The sand is about 25 kilometers long and has a beautiful white beach that stretches each along the promontory.

The water at Varadero is a mix of blue and green, making a stunning border between the land and the Florida Straits. Plus, because the promontory is narrow, the beach is always really close by, just a few steps away.

Varadero is a bit different from typical Cuban places because it gets a lot of travelers and there are a ton of conditioning for travelers. But in July and August, you will also see lots of local excursionists besides callers from other countries.

You can try other water sports like sailing, snorkeling, fishing, or taking a ride in a glass-bottom boat. There are plenty of museums and art galleries to visit if you want a break from beach stuff.

3Playa Pilar

Beaches in Cuba, Playa Pilar

Playa Pilar, also known as Cayo Guillermo, is a quiet and calm island located west of Cayo Coco. It’s a perfect choice for people who want a relaxed time, especially if they enjoy fishing and diving.

Playa Pilar is often called Cuba’s prettiest beach. It’s like paradise: soft sand, warm clear water, and it’s quieter than nearby Cayo Coco. Besides sunbathing, you can go snorkeling, windsurfing, swimming, or even sailing to a nearby small island.

The island is famous for its group of 12,000 flamingos that come then to eat. It’s a magical sight that attracts a lot of tourists. The water at Playa Pilar is home to lots of ocean creatures like fish, especially marlins, making it a great spot for deep-sea adventures.

Indeed, though the island is lower compared to others, its deserted 4- 4- 4-kilometre beach makes it feel endless. utmost hotels are near Playa El Medio and Playa El Paso, but the maturity of the island’s beaches is untouched.

5. Cayo Las Brujas

Beaches in Cuba, Cayo Las Brujas

Cayo Las Brujas is a place in Cuba that is closest to the mainland. It’s got the only marina around and has hospices and strands that aren’t too expensive, so it’s a good choice for saving money and it’s easy to get to.

When you get to the road that connects to the island, if you take the first left turn, you will reach the marina near the Villas Las Brujas hotel. However, you will get to the eastern end of the same beach, which is a bit less fancy than the one by the hostel, if you take the second left turn.

This island is small, only about 7 square kilometers, but together with two other near islands called Cayo Eisenach’s and Cayo Santa Maria, it makes a nice resort area frequently called Los Cayos de Villa Clara.

5. Playa Guarda-Lavaca

Playa Guarda-Lavaca

Playa Guard-Lavaca is a really special place in Cuba. Some people say Christopher Columbus, the explorer, thought it was the most beautiful place he’d ever seen. While we can’t be sure if that’s true, Playa Guarda-Lavaca is truly stunning.

It’s got about 1500 meters of bright white sand and behind it are hills, green fields, and lots of palm trees, sea grapes, and tamarind trees. This makes the beach look beautiful and really natural.

The Spanish name Guardalavaca means “Guard the Cow,” yet there are no cows lounging on the beach here. Jade-colored waves and fluffy white beaches are what you may expect to see. Playa Mayor is a wide beach lined with umbrellas for shade and eateries serving grilled seafood and refreshing beer.

Compared to other beach resorts in the nation, Guardalavaca has a far more authentic Cuban vibe; residents come here to unwind alongside visitors from Canada and Europe. This makes it seem less elite and more carefree.

The primary beaches here are dotted with large hotels, yet it’s simple to get to the shore without going through the hotel complex. Be aware that the environment is often livelier on the weekends, with music playing and

6. Varadero

Let’s plan a beautiful walk on the beach in Varadero. Varadero is a big and very popular beach city in the Caribbean. It’s known as a really romantic place in Cuba. However, Varadero is perfect, If you want to spend some quiet time with your partner. It’s great for relaxing and getting some sun.

There are further than 60 amazing resorts, beautiful beaches, and really clear seas. You can discover lots of treasures and enjoy the stunning views together at Varadero Beach.

It is located on the north coast of Cuba, about 140 km from Havana. You can choose to go by plane or take public transportation.

Varadero beach is known for its beautiful white beach and clear blue waters. People say it’s one of the stylish beaches in Cuba. You can do delightful things like kayaking and other water sports when the sun is shining.

7. Primera Linea de Playa

The beach offers amazing views of the ocean, and you’ll get to enjoy tasty dishes like Italian, Caribbean, and lots of seafood options. Head to La Mare restaurant at Primera Linea de Playa, Guanabo, for a romantic seaside meal with your loved one. Don’t miss the beautiful sunset of this Primera Linea de Playa beach.

It is the most popular and least expensive option so those who are traveling alone or looking for a budget-friendly option should must visit. There are also some attractive nearby beaches and most of them are at Playa Larga. It is highly advised to spend an extra few bucks for the breakfast they provide. Specializing on fried eggs, ham and cheese, fresh juice, and seasonal fruits, it provides ample energy for all-day activities.

8. Cayo Jutías

Cayo Jutías might be a bit tricky to get to with bumpy roads and longer travel time than expected, but trust me, it’s a gem. The beach is breathtaking—picture turquoise waves calmly touching the shore, sunny sands hugged by coconut trees, and enough room for you to feel like it’s your own secret paradise.

At the far end of the island, you’ll find huge starfish in the super clear shallow waters. There are a few small huts where you can grab snacks and drinks. Despite the journey, this spot is perfect for a romantic escape.

It’s extremely easy to get a shared cab that will transport you from Viñales to Cayo Jutías. Taxi drivers may be found near the Viazul de Viñales station entrance, where they will take you for 15 CUC round-trip.

All you have to do is settle on the departure time and cost the day before. Leaving the beach bars behind, the scenery drastically shifts. Dead mangrove entanglements made it hard for us to traverse.

9. Playa Larga and Playa Girón

Playa Larga and Playa Girón are great if you want quiet and love scuba diving. Playa Larga is known for a historic event in 1961. It’s near a place with lots of wildlife called Cienega de Zapata.

If you want a peaceful time in a small fishing village by the beach, you can stay in private homes there, but don’t forget your mosquito spray.

Go about 40 minutes south, and you’ll reach Playa Girón. It’s awesome for snorkeling and diving. There’s a 300-meter coral wall and sunken ships and caves nearby.

You can plan a whole day of diving with a guide, snorkel at Punta Perdix not far up the bay, or stay at a local home and watch the ocean until sunset from a comfy chair.

10. Guardalavaca

Guardalavaca, on Holguín’s northern coast, has stunning blue shallows and green hills along the sandy shore. It’s made up of beaches like Playa Esmeralda, Playa Yuraguanal, and Playa Pesquero, all really beautiful.

There are a few fancy hotels, but the beaches are open to everyone and get crowded from May to September. Just 200 meters from the beach, colorful coral reefs start, making it perfect for snorkeling. You can also reach great dive spots by boat.

With its white sand beaches and glistening blue seas, this lovely beach spans for more than a mile. This is the perfect place to go snorkeling, do water sports, and watch the sunset. There is a wide variety of species in this park, such as dolphins, crocodiles, iguanas, and rare birds.

Hiking in the jungle, swimming with dolphins, and boat rides in the mangroves are available for visitors. The history of the native Americans who inhabited the region before to the Spanish invasion is chronicled in this museum.

11. Playas de Este

Playas de Este is a fantastic beach escape close to Havana. After exploring Havana’s old parts, taking a break at the beach is great. Playas del Este is the nearest to Havana—just a 30-minute taxi ride. There are several lovely beaches with palm trees. You can grab snacks and drinks at nearby shops and restaurants before heading back to Havana.

It is not about only a single beach in fact Playa de Este is a collection of beaches. Your expedition is not going to end so soon if you have selected Playas de Este for your upcoming activity, so make sure to have sufficient time for your expedition.

There are around seven different beachfronts along this roughly nine-mile stretch of shoreline. You’ll find plenty of variation on the Playas de Este beaches, from well-liked and conveniently located local beaches that leave a lot to be desired to genuinely stunning expanses of fine golden sand and crystal-clear seas.

While some beaches just have a few places to rent chairs and umbrellas, and some even have a beach bar or two, other beaches, like Guanabo, are more substantial beach towns with many of modest hotels and beach cottages where visitors may stay the night.

12. The Museo Romántico

The Museo Romántico in Trinidad, Cuba, is a must-visit for anyone looking for a romantic experience. Inside, you’ll find lots of old things from the past that show how people lived in Cuba long ago, around the 1750s and 1800s.

This is isolated and one of the most romantic beaches of cuba. You can enjoy lovely horse riding on the coast line of the Conga Line. This beach is perfect for those who want to enjoy a peaceful escape in the lap of nature and want to witness some of the great shades of Sea and Sun.

This beach is in one of the most talked and popular dating locations in the world. It is overlapped in the timelapse of history and the natural charm of this place will take you to another land.

13. Playa Ancon

Twelve kilometers or so separate it from Trinidad. It is among the most beautiful beaches on Cuba’s southern coast. A four-kilometer stretch of white sand beach edges heavenly blue, crystal-clear waters with a thriving coral reef right offshore. Here, choose a shaded area beneath a thatched palapas to enjoy a leisurely day by the sea.

While not as visually stunning as Varadero, Guardalavaca, and Cayo Coco, Playa Ancon is typically less busy and has a wider selection of lodging options, ranging from guesthouses to all-inclusive hotels.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider staying in a house at La Boca, another beach community on the tip of the peninsula, where you may interact with the people lot more.

14. Cayo Santa Maria

A large portion of the island’s northern coastline is made up of beaches near Cayo Santa Maria. This is the ideal location if you’re interested in snorkeling or naturist walks. The causeway that connects the beach to the mainland may be used to access Cayo Santa Maria beach.

ANHINGAS, mollusks, iguanas, seagulls, and flamingos may all be found on the islet. It is also bordered by a large number of other quiet beaches that can be perfect for a romantic retreat or a private picnic. Playa Ensenachos, a well-liked vacation spot with nearly unspoiled natural beauty, is one of them.

An annual carnival-style celebration called Las Parrandas takes place in Remedios, a tiny village one hour and twenty minutes away from Cayo Santa Maria.

Although it takes a little longer than two hours to get to from Cayo Santa Maria, Santa Clara is a worthwhile destination.

15. Playa Cayo Jutias

Beaches in Cuba, Playa Cayo Jutias

One of Cuba’s most stunning white-sand beaches, Playa Cayo Jutias, also called Playas de las Estrellas de Mar (Starfish Beach), is fully visible two hours from Vinales.  This area has warm, azure seas, a very adventurous road, and a nice, relaxed atmosphere overall.

The number of starfish in the ocean is probably rather high at this stage. However, as they can become inebriated, please refrain from playing with the starfish outside of the water. They make a beautiful backdrop for your Instagram pictures, but you might also get injured.

This beach could be located within. You won’t run out of places to eat the local specialties and sip cool beverages, though. Playa Cayo Jutias offers activities including swimming, fishing, and camping. But be careful—mosquitoes are a problem here, so remember to pack repellent.

16. Playa Los Cocos

Beaches in Cuba, Playa Los Cocos

Though it may not be a lot of contemporary amenities and tourist activities, Playa Los Cocos in Santa Lucia is nonetheless worth taking into account. especially if hand-feeding sharks and diving expeditions are part of your concept of a good time.

The warm waters of Los Cocos beckon. Even more than 100 meters may be walked into the water thanks to the short drop before it becomes shoulder level and requires swimming.

Additionally, many of the all-inclusive resorts in Los Cocos provide traditional Cuban food and a wonderful environment, despite the lack of necessary infrastructure.

Bull sharks, tropical fish, and the coral reef are some of Santa Lucia’s other well-known features. There are also a number of sinking ships, such as the 1898 sinking of the Mortera.

Going on a catamaran cruise to Cayo Sabinal, a remote island with Playa Bonita and a historic lighthouse, is another well-liked activity in Santa Lucia. Another stunning beach that’s ideal for tanning your body is Playa Bonita.

Conclusion: Beaches in Cuba

These are the best and most appealing beaches of Cuba. These beaches are accessible using public transport or private vehicles. You can have a great time here with your family and friends. Here you can try some of the finest activities and food varieties of Cuba. These Cuba beaches are clean and wrapped in simplicity and beauty. Don’t forget to try these finest beaches in your next trip of Cuba.

FAQs: Beaches in Cuba

Q. Are there stay options near Cuba beaches?

A. Some or the beaches have nearby stay options like hotels and resorts but stay options are not available on all the beaches. You can check and research for your selected beach.

Q. Can I park my vehicle near Cuba Beach?

A. Cuba beaches offer comfortable facilities. You can find parking options near by the beaches then walk towards the beach.

Q. How to reach Cuba beaches?

A. You can reach to Cuba beaches by taking public transport, booking cab or taxi rentals or from your own vehicle.

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