15 Best and Amazing Beaches in South America

Beaches in South America: You all know that South America is a bustling continent mostly in the southern hemisphere that’s related to a spread of points of interest with unmissable experiences and is an option to be closed by mesmerizing things worth seeing. It will not be a mistake, if you consider it as a subregion of a single continent, America. 

A highlighted point of the continent is that it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the West and the Atlantic Ocean on the East. That’s why the busiest beaches are formed along its interior and are always blessed to showcase unique sea shorelines as explained by its favorable environment.

It is obvious that the continent encompasses a myriad of landmarks, tourist spots, and sightseeing destinations, nevertheless is mostly admired by background wonders such as cliffs, jungles, mountains, landscapes and mind-blowing viewpoints etc. 

The destination is a massive collection of those who are always prestigious by its renowned tourist places and a tour towards the continent may and must create respectable pictures about the sights in South America. It is true that no one can ignore the destination as a natural tourist hub of countless paradisiacal attractions.

The main purpose of the article is to represent the best beaches in South America and to explore them without any obstacles. In addition, it is a journey towards the continent where nature enthusiasts, adventurous lovers, Sunset Fonder, and other enthusiasts must not be dissatisfied by the tropical destinations. Asides from it has taken responsibility for helping ensure that travelers focus on things to do in South America. 

Now is a turn to discover renowned beaches, placed in the interior of the continent, South America by which the article must be genuine and authentic for those who really desire to visit the best beaches in South America. The information based on the article must be checked out from the following paragraphs, let’s read the content given below. 

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15 Best Beaches in South America

Friends, although there are many fabulous tourist destinations in South America, but travel to South America is not complete without the stunning beaches, There are several beaches that can be found and all beaches are very well known for their attractive beauty. You can have a joyful time while you visit those beaches. In this article, we will talk about the 15 Best beaches in South America which may be the top beaches for you.

Baia do Sancho

Baia do Sancho is one of the best beaches in Brazil. This beach is known for its clear blue water and white sand. You can see colorful fishes here, and most of people prefer to sunbathe here. If you also want to do some water activities here, then this beach is open for you 24 hours. In addition, you can see some wildlife here, which is considered a great experience for all nature or animal lovers. There are many luxury hotels nearby, where you can spend a wonderful evening, and If you are coming with your partner or your friends, then this is really a charming place to have a great time.

Punta del Este

Punta del Este

This place is something different all over the World. Located in the country of Uruguay, Punta del Este has always been a top destination among all types of visitors. There is a sculpture of a hand made of clay which you can see in the picture below, this place is very beautiful and thousands of tourists visit here every year.

Therefore It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South America. This city also has many beautiful malls, where you can for shopping and apart from this, this city also allows you to do many types of new activities. If you want to have fun here then, Punta del Este is the best destination for you.

Anakena Beach, Easter Island

Beaches in South America, Anakena Beach

Anakena Beach is a picturesque spot located on the north-east coast of Easter Island. This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Easter Island and is known for its calm atmosphere, turquoise waters, white sand and lush palm trees. This splendid beach is located in the country of Chile and attracts millions of tourists throughout the year.

Anakena Beach is not only famous for its amazing scenic views but also offers a variety of activities to the tourist. Apart from this, there are many ancient sculptures on the seashore, that will be delighted to see and it may be a wonderful experience for you.

Playa Manuel Antonio

Playa Manuel Antonio is a stunning attraction in South America. It is located in the country of Costa Rica and is mainly known for its stunning beach, famous for its white sand, turquoise waters, and diverse flora and fauna. There is also many national parks here, in which you can see monkeys and birds. there are many trees here, and the confluence of the beaches with the forests looks very beautiful.

Yes, if you are an animal lover then you must come to this place. With the very beautiful landscape, this place offers distinct adventure activities. Surrounded by lush rainforest and blessed with golden sand and calm turquoise waters, this beach is a truly paradise for nature lovers and would be the best destination for your holidays.


One of the most beautiful beaches in South America, Jerichocoara is always been an amazing beach for tourists. This beach is located in the country of Brazil and is best known for its calm environment and ample water activities. If you want to do windsurfing then this place is considered to be the best for this type of activity. The white sand, blue-green waters, towering dunes, and breathtaking sunsets make this place a true paradise.

Tayrona National Park

There are many beaches located in Colombia or we can say that there is a group of beaches that are known for their excellent clean water, beautiful trees and plants, which are also surrounded by. This place boasts an amazingly diverse landscape, including lush green forests, snowcapped mountains, sandy beaches, and cliffs, which is why it is considered the busiest tourist spot around the world.

Here you can experience the the real beauty of nature. The environment becomes very beautiful because of the trees and plants nearby. This place is also considered an ideal place for photography. There are a lot of beaches here, therefore this place allows the tourist to be involved with many adventure activities also.

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is an amazing archipelago, located in Brazil with 21 beautiful Islands. Fernando de Noronha’s captivating mix of breathtaking climate with white sand, crystal-clear waters, lush green forest, cliffs, and hills, becomes a perfect holiday destination for tourists. It is like a true heaven for nature lovers and those who always curious to make wonderful memories.

Due to the very clean and crystal-clear water, creatures can be visible inside the water. For relaxing on the beach, snorkeling, scuba diving and enjoying the diversity of marine life Fernando de Noronha is the best option. In addition, this place allows you to get close to different activities, like engaging in water sports, go hiking in the jungle, taking a sun bath and just relaxing on the beach.


Consider one of the best beaches in Peru Mancora amazingly top tourist spot among millions of people. This is a place where you can be very close to the distinct water sports and get unforgettable experiences for your life. Scuba diving and Snorkeling are the most preferable water activities. You can be very close to marine life, including a variety of fish, turtles, and even dolphins and whales as well.

This is a fabulous beach, which is gained much more popularity among tourists as much as Locals. Due to the high tides, it offers a lot of opportunities to engage in water activities. This is the reason the massive number of tourists come to this beach with a lot of excitement. Apart from the water activities you can enjoy delicious seafood and get to close vibrant nightlife.

Los Roques

Los Roques

Beautiful Los Roques is an archipelago, located on the north coast of Venezuela. with crystal clear water and a calm environment make it like a real paradise for nature lovers. It is amazingly beautiful and tranquil and is considered one of the hidden gems of the Caribbean. Here you can also do exciting water activities such as diving and snorkeling. You will find camps here, with the help of which you will be able to drive.

There are many dangerous creatures living in the water, so swimming here without a guide is not without danger. Remember this place is very beautiful and is also considered excellent for photography. For those who want to relax with nature, then Los Roques is a perfect holiday destination. 


Beaches in South America, Buzios

Another best beaches in South America, Buzio is one of the great options for adventure enthusiasts and beach lovers. Considered a little heaven of Brazil, Buzio is a small town located in the state of Rio de Janeiro. It is mainly known for its captivating beaches, calm atmosphere, and breathtaking views. That’s why a massive number of tourists come to this place for mesmerizing. The beaches of Buzios are best known for their natural beauty and unique attractions.

Whether you love the thrill of surfing or lying on the calm sand reading a book, Buzios has something for everyone, where you can enjoy an excellent time with your family or friends. However, Buzios is also famous for its delicious seafood, which makes it an ideal place for food lovers. With a lot of attractions, it offers distinct activities to visitors and it may be one of the top beaches in Brazil.

Praia do Sancho

Beaches in South America, Praia do Sancho

Located in Brazil, Praia do Sancho is a lovely Beach for all tourists. This Beach is very famous for its calm and romantic environment and attracts millions of people every year. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and the reason behind is, it is best known for its excellent weather, white sand, turquoise water, and natural beauty.

Small but beautiful Praia do Sancho always welcomes to adventure and watersports lovers and allows be involved in distinct activities to the excited people. However, Praia do Sancho also offers snorkeling and diving-like activities, which makes it an ideal place for adventure seekers. You can see many colorful fish and other marine life in the waters around the beach, which is almost an unforgettable experience.

Ilha grande 

Beaches in South America, Ilha grande 

Nestled in the state of Rio de Janeiro with a privileged location, Ilha Grande is an enormous Brazilian Island that’s completely surrounded by Atlantic forest and surpasses among the best beaches in South America. It’s obvious that the island houses over numerous beaches and by these attractions, a large number of people make their trip towards the island.

If you are looking for a vibrant destination in Rio de Janeiro to spend your weekend trip then the island of Ilha Grande is a worthwhile tourist option for you.

Although the island is very famed for its myriad of beaches, nevertheless it is surpassing other destinations to showcase its nearby natural sightseeing spots. Furthermore, it invites you for a speedboat ride along its island, and by the trip you must pick intense green beaches to swim. 

Playa La Chiva

Beaches in South America, Playa La Chiva

On the southern coast of Vieques, Playa La Chiva is one of the vibrant beaches that’s popularly known as Blue Beach. In barrio Puerto Ferro, Playa La Chiva is the most popular and attractive beach which is always beloved for its surrounding natural sights. Mainly, if you want to snorkel or swim along the beach then Playa La Chiva is the best tourist option for you where you must get several watersports to do.

Furthermore, for nature lovers, there is nothing a great place to visit than Playa La Chiva in South America. Aside from, it is a prominent part of Vieques National Wildlife Refuge as a result it is ringed by so many breathtaking picturesque sights and landscapes. 

Taipus de Fora, Maraú Peninsula

Beaches in South America, Taipus de Fora

If you are thinking that Taipus de Fora is not popular then you are wrong because the destination is not one of the secret or hidden beaches in the country of Brazil. The well-structured landscape of the attraction is responsible for making the site praiseworthy in the entire region and is one of the best beaches in South America.

Since a large number of tourists make their trip towards the beach, it is developed day by day with advanced picturesque sights and nowadays, Taipus de Fora is famed due to its unbelievable surrounding areas. With the epic view of the impeccable beauty of nature, the destination is always blessed by the visitors and it has an incredible infrastructure of hotels, restaurants, and shops around the coastline. 

Tortuga Bay, Galapagos Islands

Since the continent of South America is ringed by a myriad of reputed sea beaches, you must find your dream destinations according to your desire and Tortuga Bay is a remarkable beach that is not less than to a true treasure where you will be interfere with untouched landscapes and mesmerizing natural sightseeing.

The coastline of the beach is always found in its prestigious deep blue waters and cotton-white sands. It is a destination where several favorable features are preserved for the tourists and where they can enjoy the panoramic view of the site thoroughly. In addition, several endangered species are also nestled to the beach to live more such as iguanas, turtles, and birds, etc. 

Conclusion: Beaches in South America

In this article, we have discussed about 15 Best Beaches in South America. I hope you most liked this article and that your journey towards South America will be graceful and exciting. In this article, all beaches in South America are very well known for their beauty and quality. that’s why a massive number of tourist visits these beaches from all around the Globe and spend quality time with their family and friends. So, see you in a new article with new and amazing information.

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