Best time to visit and 10 best things to do in Iguazu Falls

Hello friends, you all are very welcome in today’s article, in today’s article we are going to get complete information about Iguazu Falls, friends, Iguazu Falls is a very beautiful waterfall of Argentina, some part of this waterfall is located in Argentina and Some falls in Brazil, but most people recognize it as an Argentinian waterfall, in this article I will tell you what is the best time to visit Iguazu Falls? Here we will see the best time to visit Iguazu Falls as well as 10 important activities to do here.

There is no doubt Iguazu Falls is one of the stunning waterfall and the view here is mesmerizing, every tourists are very impressed after seeing the supernatural scene, along with the beautiful view. Iguazu Falls is also offers  many types of activities, here you can enjoy distinct water activities with your family and friends.

You can go boating and do adventurous activities like river rafting, apart from this the surrounding area is also very beautiful and enjoyable, you will also find many wildlife sanctuaries, hence this place will be like paradise for animal lovers and nature enthusiast.

In the article we will also get complete information about the cost of visiting Iguazu Falls, here I will also give you complete information about the places to stay nearby, I hope you will like this information. Let’s start the article. Let’s see the best time to visit Iguazu Falls.

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Best time to visit Iguazu Falls

Friends, although people keep coming to visit this beautiful waterfall throughout the year, it is a wonderful waterfall located on the border of Brazil and Argentina, which is visited by tourists from both the countries throughout the year, apart from this, you can also adjust the time of your visit here. The activities done here can be divided on many different grounds.

Come friends, let us know what time should you come if you want to see extremely crowded waterfalls, apart from this, if you do not like too much crowd then which season will be right for you, many people like to see wild animals and birds. If you want to know which time will be best for them, let us friends see the complete information one by one.

1. Year and water flow

During the monsoon, the flow of water is very fast and the waterfall remains full to the brim, this time is between December to February, at this time the beauty of the waterfall is like heaven, in the dry season there is less water in the waterfall, But the weather remains quite pleasant.

2. Season

The weather here is tropical, it remains a little hot throughout the year and there is a lot of moisture in the air, here the winter season starts between June to August, so at this time the temperature falls a little, if If you want to visit the surrounding areas, then you must visit this place in the months of June and August.

3. Overcrowding

If you are not a person who likes much crowd, then you should come here in the autumn season, even at this time the view here remains very beautiful, the highest tourist season here is between December to February, because at this time there are many tourists. Tourists come here for holidays.

4. The wildlife

If you are interested in wildlife then winter season will be supreme for you, during this time the animals here are more active, you can see many types of beautiful birds here and many wild creatures live in the forests. This entire area is full of forests and wildlife, here you can visit many types of sanctuaries to see wildlife, complete information about this will be given further in the article.

Best Things To Do In Iguazu Falls

Friends, if you are going to visit Iguazu Falls, then here I am telling you 10 important things which you must do at this place, every tourist coming here comes here for fun and By increasing the joy and enthusiasm, these 10 things can make the journey memorable. Friends, let’s move ahead with the article.

1. Enjoy the beautiful view of the waterfall

Best time to visit Iguazu Falls

Friends, you will be freed from the spell after seeing the beautiful view of the waterfall, Iguazu Falls is considered one of the best waterfalls in the world and it also gives you a chance to do many activities, here you can do many types of adventure activities, By seeing the waterfall from close, you can witness the supernatural sight of nature.

This view is also considered wonderful for photography, the water falling from a great height and the softly scattered mist looks very delightful, this is a huge waterfall and you will also find many view points nearby, from where you can enjoy the view of the waterfall. Can sit peacefully and watch it.

2. Must see Golden Triangle

If you are coming from any country like Argentina or Brazil to visit this waterfall, then let me tell you that you must go here to see the Golden Triangle, this place determines the boundaries of three countries, here Brazil. Argentina and Paraguay are the borders of all three countries, hence this place is known as the Golden Triangle.

This is a very beautiful view point, from where the view appears excellent, a beautiful bridge has also been built here, standing on top of which you can look towards all three countries.

3. Moon Tour of Iguazu Falls

Friends, the moon tour of Iguazu Falls is very wonderful, moon tour means going out here at night, you cannot do moon tour alone, many tourists do moon tour together and there is also a local guide who is there. Giving you complete information about the place, the moon tour here seems quite supernatural as the beautiful glowing water of the waterfall at night is considered very delightful.

You can make your journey very memorable by visiting here, you can go here and find out whether you have come during the time of Moon Tour or not, because Moon Tour is done only for 5 days in a month, for Moon Tour You have to register first, which is done in Iguazu National Park.

4. Follow the life of Guira Oga

Best time to visit Iguazu Falls, Guira Oga

Guira Oga is a very beautiful national park located in Argentina, this park is especially known for beautiful birds, thousands of different types of birds can be seen here, many people also recognize it as a zoo. But it is more of a rescue centre, many birds are brought here from the surrounding forests.

This place is far away from cities, hence it is a perfect place for people who like natural beauty, apart from birds, many types of monkeys and snakes can also be seen here.

5. Take a tour of Itaipu Dam

Best time to visit Iguazu Falls, Itaipu Dam

Itaipu Dam is a wonderful place to visit, it is a hydroelectric dam, which is considered to be the largest dam in the world, at Itaipu Dam you can explore in a two to three hour tour how the river water is controlled. The tax is converted into electricity, from this dam electricity is supplied to the three countries of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.

In a two to three hour tour of this dam, you can get acquainted with the beautiful history of the dam, during the tour in the dam, you can go inside and from inside you can see how the dam works, if you If you have this kind of interest then this place will be wonderful for you, after visiting this dam you can spend a beautiful evening on the lake of Itaipu.

6. Do take a helicopter ride on Iguazu Falls

Friends, you can book a helicopter ride on Iguazu Falls, it will be wonderful, Iguazu Falls looks very beautiful from above and there are two main parks here, one is on the Brazilian side and one is on the Argentinian side, you can visit both the sides.

You can book a helicopter from above, the pleasure of seeing 2000 different species from above is something else, the water falling into the river from above and the long flowing river looks quite spectacular.

In this helicopter ride, you will be delighted to see the earth meeting in the distant sky, from above you will be able to see how huge this rainforest is, from the helicopter ride you can also see the beautiful dam here, whose view seems quite supernatural.

7. Enjoy Kayaking

Best time to visit Iguazu Falls

Friends, if you are going to visit Iguazu Falls then you must enjoy kayaking here, here is the largest river of South America, Amazon, which means river relative to the sea, this river is very suitable for kayaking.

It is amazing, if you like adventure activities then you must do kayaking below Iguazu Falls, if you want to do kayaking at this place then you must have an expert guide with you, otherwise if you want to do kayaking alone then If you want then you should go in calm water only.

If you have an expert guide with you, then you can easily go into the shallow water of the river, where you can have more fun, because the flow of water at this place is very fast and it will be a very memorable moment for you.

8. Bike through the Iguazu Rainforest

Friends, if you like biking then you must do biking in Iguazu Falls Rain Forest, it is considered a popular activity for the tourists coming here, you can start your biking journey from Puerto Iguazú and here you will spend four hours. You will have to travel a long distance, which will pass through different places, here you can feel the challenging environment, if you do not want to take a longer route, then you can also go biking on a shorter route here. , but most of the tourists here bike at least 25 miles to work.

9. Must see Parque das Aves bird sanctuary

Best time to visit Iguazu Falls

The bird sanctuary called Parque das Aves is very beautiful, you must visit this place, it is a bird park which is located in this rainforest, there is also a butterfly house here, in which you can see different types of beautiful birds.

Here, birds are rescued from the forests and many birds come from outside the country and reside here, this place is also treated as a refugee center, here you can see many beautiful birds. Where will you find it, here you can also see the rarest species of the world, it is believed that more than 2000 species of birds reside here.

10. Selva Misionera Forest Eco-Tour

A place called Selva Misionera is very beautiful, here you can do many types of thrilling activities, you must take a 4-hour eco adventure tour here, which includes activities called trekking, ziplining and rappelling, you can do these activities.

You can enjoy beautiful forests, this place is home to 400 beautiful varieties of birds and 2000 types of beautiful trees and plants, there are also many small waterfalls here, which you can enjoy, adventure activities like ziplining and rappelling. It is very enjoyable and it will be a memorable moment for you.

Where To Stay at Iguazu Falls

Friends, if you are going to visit Iguazu Falls, then there are many arrangements for your stay, let us know where to stay if you come from Argentina side, and if you come from Brazil side then where to stay. The place will be better than this.

Where to Stay on the Argentine Side at Iguazu Falls?

Friends, if you are coming from Argentina side, then two places will be best for you to stay. The first place where a large number of tourists stay is a small town called Puerto Iguazú which is in the forests of Argentina, this place Argentina is also known as Gateway of Falls, a lot of tourists stay here and you can also stay here, here you will get the best hotel arrangements.

Apart from this, you will also get a place to stay inside the National Park, if you want to stay in the National Park, then hotel arrangements will be available here and this place is very close to the waterfall, so you will also get the experience of living amidst nature. will receive.

Where to Stay at Iguazu Falls on the Brazil Side?

Apart from this, even if you are coming from Brazil, you will find a place to stay, Foz do Iguaçu is a beautiful place located in Brazil, it is a city which falls close to Iguazu Falls, at this place you will have to stay. You will find many places, there are many beautiful hotels here, where you can stay.

How much does it cost to enter Iguazu Falls?

The head ticket here is priced at $39, the ticket price is almost the same in Argentina and Brazil, the price for children is $19, children under 6 years can go for free with parents, The fare for a child between 6 to 16 years is 19 dollars and for anyone above 16 years of age, it will have to pay 39 dollars, apart from this, if you do activities here then it will cost separately.

Final words: Best time to visit Iguazu Falls 

Friends, how did you like today’s article, I hope you liked this information and you will definitely share this information with your close friends, in this article we have given complete information about the best time to visit Iguazu Falls.

Apart from this, I have also given information about the activities to be done in Iguazu Falls, here I have also given you complete information about the cost of visiting Iguazu Falls and the place to stay, I hope you liked all this and you will share this information further, see you in some new and best article.

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