Cities in Argentina: 15 Best Cities to Visit in Argentina

Cities in Argentina: Almost everyone loves to travel and wants to explore the beautiful World and there would hardly be a person in the world who would not like to travel. There is no dearth of beautiful and amazing places to visit in the whole world.

Many people travel to different countries of the world to get their memorable experience and during the journey gather information about the culture, tradition and their famous places of interest of all those countries. In this blog, we will talk about the world’s most amazing country, Argentina, considered a vibrant and splendid country worldwide.

Argentina, the country of South America which is very famous among adventure enthusiasts, history buffs, and nature lovers. This country is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the whole of South America. Buenos Aires is the capital city and one of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in the whole country. The country shares a border with Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, and Bolivia and is larger than Brazil area-wise.

The country of Argentina is full of wonder, therefore it is no surprise that millions of visitors come to this country throughout the year and explore its rich culture and history. From natural wonders to manmade, this country is filled with unlimited attractions. It is famous for its serene lakes, magnificent waterfalls, lush green valleys, and stunning atmosphere, which have become the main attractions among tourists.

If you are very curious to explore the country of Argentina and want to have a good time with nature, or want to join in with thrilling activities for a memorable trip, then read this article from beginning to end. In this article, we have talked about 15 Best cities in Argentina that you need to explore while visiting this country.

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Mendoza is one of the most visited cities that’s nestled to the heart of the region. The city is very famous in producing Argentina’s world renowned wines and also very rich with street lined trees. It is the busiest city in the region where you can find a number of people from different locations. The city of Mendoza is always calm and disciplined to the people.

That’s why most people are adoring the city and making the trip towards this destination. In addition, the attraction is home to stunning culture, architecture and several historical sites by which it is well known in the entire country of Argentina.

With the old historic buildings, charming squares, tree lined streets and other mesmerising sights, the city has gained much popularity all over the world. Besides it, to enjoy the nightlife experience you can allow restaurants, bars and other programme shows here.

Buenos Aires

cities in argentina

Most famous city in the country of Argentina is known as Buenos Aires which is also considered as the capital city of the country and it is very rich with its stunning features and landscapes. Most people in Argentina have a great notion about the city, since it is the capital city of the country. So that the place always stays crowded with a large number of spectators.

With the elegant culture and tradition, the is being famous and enhancing its features for the visitors. It is a most gorgeous thing that the city of Is home to various entertainment amenities such as galleries, theatres, world class museums and cultural centres etc. The city provides the vibrant picturesque scenery of the region to which everyone is allowed to explore with new willingness.

The art works in the city are most responsible for the innumerable visitors and it is very attractive in sightseeing. For these kinds of features and benefits, the city is listed among best Cities in Argentina.


cities in argentina

It is an enchanting sight in the region that’s located 300 km northwest of Buenos Aires. It is considered as an important port city and one of the largest cities in the central Argentine province of Santa Fe. In the city you can get to see bars, restaurants, cafes, incredible galleries and old warehouses etc.

It is a very delighted city where you can explore its long waterfront and you are offered to enjoy inner-city delta islands here. With an eclectic mix of architectural styles, the city of Rosario looks prettier than other attractions. The third most populous city in the country of Argentina is known as Rosario and it has inhabitants more than 1.7 million.

Since the city is situated at the heart of the industrial corridor in the country, it is the great source of export gains including linseed, flour, hay wheat and other food used in daily life such as corn, sugar, lumber, meat, hides, vegetable oil and wool etc.

Puerto Iguazu

cities in argentina

One of the most vibrant beautiful cities in Argentina is called Puerto Iguazu which is very popular for its panoramic viewpoints of natural beauties. It is a grateful city that provides comfort to visitors’ hearts to enjoy the significance of the sight and gives an opportunity to experience the importance of nature.

The vibrant attraction of the city is known for its mesmerizing waterfalls that’s very rich with beautiful landscapes. Most people visit the destination for exploring the excellent Iguazu Falls here and with the beautiful sights of the location, the spectators get satisfaction.

The city of Puerto Iguazu is home to more than hundred cascades by which the people are attracted towards the city. In the city, you can get to enjoy attractive landscapes and the nearby attractions enhance the magnificence of the destination. If you visit the city then it will be an unforgettable memory of your life.


cities in argentina

The city of Ushuaia is a great example of gorgeous landscapes where the low lying buildings are found along the coastline. The city provides a naturalist sight of the region and it has a pretty look to compel the travellers to be attracted towards the destination. It represents the very beautiful architecture of various buildings in systematic order.

The visitors do not disappoint with attraction because everyone can get more than good features here and it is allowed to people for several activities such as trekking, sailing, kayaking, scuba diving and skiing etc. It is considered a resort town in the country of Argentina and is the gateway to Antarctica cruises.

It is a most visited city in the country and is very popular with the slogan Ciudad más austral del mundo which means ” the southernmost city in the world”. It also allowed the tourists to explore its stunning culture and historical sites here.

San Juan

cities in Argentina

The beauty of the city of San Juan is based on nature because the unbelievable sight of the place is created by the sun so, it is considered as a sun-kissed climate in the region. The location of the city lies in a fertile valley and the sun-kissed environment helps for growing grapes and it is an important part of wines.

The city of San Juan is commonly famous for its beautiful architecture and ancient buildings but in the year of 1944, the culture and dignity of this region was vanished by a treble earthquake. Most people used to this Place for nearby attractions because there are several mesmerizing sights that can be explored around the city. With the gorgeous viewpoints in the city, it is popular throughout the entire country and also listed among best cities in Argentina.

Puerto Madryn

cities in Argentina

Another fabulous attraction in the country of Argentina is known as the city of Puerto Madryn that offers you the outdoor view of the region and is located on the Golfo Nuevo. The most attractive feature of the city is its mesmerizing beach that gives a pleasant experience to the visitors.

Actually, most people come to the city to make their day worthwhile and to create a breathtaking experience here. The city is very rich with gorgeous panoramic views of the natural attractions that’s why it is able to draw a large number of tourists towards the city.

In addition, around the region such rocky Valdes Peninsula allows everyone to explore penguins and elephant seals and these are preyed upon by orcas. The city is home to more than 1 lakh inhabitants and they have approved their certificate as citizens in the city.


cities in Argentina

Cordoba is one of the experienced cities in the region which is considered in the best cities in  Argentina and is very famous for its conical architecture and tradition. Most people adore the city because of its culture and architecture which are considered as vibrant attractions here.

To explore this option, a large number of spectators are choosing this city in their travel list. The city offers various delicious hotels and gorgeous bars since it is home to a huge student population. In addition, the destination is surrounded with four incredible galleries for the visitors and those galleries are used to show arts, museums, cinemas and theatres etc.

In nature, the city is peaceful, calm and a place of method that provides joyful moments for every traveler. It is considered a worthwhile attraction and it is also rich with its surrounding stunning landscapes and beautiful hills.

San Miguel de Tucuman

cities in Argentina

If you are searching for a worthwhile attraction in northwest Argentina then the city of San Miguel de Tucuman is perfect for you because you can get all the stunning attractions and features in the region. The destination is considered as the largest city in the northwest and is popularly known for its art, architecture, neoclassical cathedral and nouveau Government House etc.

It is also considered as a commercial center in the region where the young population are always busy in their business. In the country of Argentina, it is the fifth largest city and very popular in the northern region.

Mainly the city of San Miguel de Tucuman has earned much reputation with cultural and tourist heritage sites such as Basílica de San Francisco, Cathedral, Casa de Tucumán and Historic buildings surrounding the Plaza Independencia etc.

San Carlos de Bariloche

cities in Argentina

San Carlos de Bariloche is one of the most visited cities in the country of Argentina that is situated on the lower slopes of the Andes. With the surrounding glamorous lakes, the city enhances its dynamic picturesque and offers you to enjoy the panoramic view of nature with naked eyes.

In the city you can get unforgettable experiences by exploring all the stunning sights here. In addition, it allows you several mesmerising activities like trekking, skiing, hiking and sightseeing in the region. San Carlos de Bariloche is commonly known as Bariloche and is famous for its Swiss alpine-style architecture.

A large glacial lake is the vibrant feature of the city where most people visit to dedicate their precious time. The live attractions that people like are its mountains surrounded by lakes. In other words, it is a worthwhile attraction that is very rich with natural resources.

San Martín de los Andes

cities in Argentina

The city is located in northwest Patagonia, in the country of Argentina. San Martin de los Andes is one of the most beautiful cities in the region that consist of a number of natural sights like mountains, lakes, landscapes and vegetation etc. The destination is very rich with its stunning landscapes and is an adorable place which is considered as a gateway to the Lanín National Park.

In the city, you are offered to explore various glacial lakes and a sandy beach. So it is well known as one of the vibrant Cities in Argentina. The destination is able to attract a number of tourists in summer since it has a great collection of several stunning lakes and various people also consider winter for travelling towards the city.

The summer in the city offers you trekking, hiking and mountaineering in the forested Lanín National Park while Cerro Chapelco is a gorgeous ski resort that is allowed to explore in winter.

La Plata

La Plata

Another fabulous city in the country of Argentina is called La Plata that is very close to the city of Buenos Aires. It has the best nature to represent the city with incredible culture and is considered a planned city in the region. In the city, you can get to see a natural history museum and it is a worthwhile city in the region which has several natural features.

A part of thanks to the students who are responsible to build the confidence of visitors by attractive sights here. It also allows you to experience the nightlife and besides this, it is home to a gorgeous central park and a huge neo-Gothic cathedral. It is one of the calmest cities in the region that provides the knowledge about meditation by the symbol of peace church to make life nice and beautiful.



The most unbelievable city that is famous for its adorable architecture is known as Salta. It is commonly known as ‘Salta the fair’ and is home to a modern museum. In the year of 1582, the city was founded and has gained much popularity for its Spanish colonial architecture. In the northwest of the country it is considered as the most important city and is listed among Cities in Argentina.

The region of the city is also very rich with great agriculture, mainly grain production such as sugar cane, cereals, tobacco and corn etc. In the city, you can explore various higher education institutions, libraries and beautiful museums etc. In addition, the tourists are offered to visit its stunning landscapes, numerous sights and nearby natural attractions etc.

Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata is nicknamed as “the happy city” which is very rich with its beautiful picturesque and unbelievable landscapes. It is popularly known as a beach resort city in the region that provides breathtaking sights to explore. It is considered a bustling city which has a big port and wonderful waterfront promenade.

The city of Mar del Plata is famous for its lovely architecture and lively nightlife. In addition, numerous museums, galleries and shopping malls are available in the city.

The city was founded in the year of 1874 and is considered as one of the largest ports in the country of Argentina. It is a coastal tourist attraction that consists of a beautiful beach that’s why most people come to the city to enjoy the panoramic view of the coastline and beach.


cities in Argentina

The city of Neuquen is the great and beautiful destination in the region which is very popular in the entire country. It is considered that the city is the important capital in the region that is surrounded with several mesmerising landscapes and sights. The city offers you many museums to visit and you can check out some paleontological sites here.

In addition, there are two charming attractions located in the city such as leafy avenues of Neuquen and laid-back plazas. To explore these types of features, most people come from different regions of the country as well as foreigners also check out to visit the city.

It has a very good nightlife experience that can be enjoyed after sunset when the city becomes illuminated with dazzling artificial lights. At any time, to enjoy the significance of the city you can visit the attraction.

Best time to visit Argentina

The country of Argentina has many seasons to Explore. You definitely experience the different weather in different regions so, before going to the country and exploring the Cities in Argentina, you should have enough knowledge about the season here. Let’s see which season is perfect to explore the country or best time to visit Argentina.

It is considered that the season of summer is an incredible weather and the best time to visit Argentina because it is known as the high season that comes from the months of December – February. In addition, it is a great season to explore all the lovely beaches in the country.

Most people are also choosing these months for exploration to Cities in Argentina. To visit all the sights in different regions, it is a favorable time. So, it will be very beneficial if you come to visit the country in summer.

The spring also has the power to draw the tourists in this time and most people also come to explore the country in this season. It is considered as shoulder season that falls between the months of September – November and March – May. The atmospheric temperature of the country at this time is averagely 20° celcius. You can also take this weather to visit the country.

If You have a low budget to travel towards the country of Argentina then the winter season will be best for you because in the season you can find cheaper hotels and restaurants here. In addition, it will explore all the destinations in low price transportation.

The winter comes to the country from the months of June – August and the atmospheric temperature is experienced from -6° Celsius – 16° Celsius. So, you should bring your winter clothes if you are choosing the season for exploration.

Conclusion: Cities in Argentina

The aforementioned article mirrors that the country of Argentina is an unbelievable destination to explore the Cities in Argentina. With various kinds of amenities and features, the country is famous all over the world. In the article, the information about 15 Cities are mentioned with each short detail since it is written as a travel guide for the visitors and travelers. If you want to visit Argentina then the article will be very helpful for your journey. Thank you.

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