16 Best Places to Visit in Piaui, Brazil

Places to Visit in Piaui: Brazil is the most beautiful country in the world due to its number of stunning attractions which are very rich with their own features. It is considered that most destinations in the country are very popular because of their natural viewpoints and landscapes. To experience the significance of nature, we have an incredible location that is known as Piauí. 

A charming destination in northeast Brazil is called the state of Piauí which is home to various kinds of National Parks. With the natural attractions, the state has surrounded and offers to explore all the destinations directly. The state is very famous and has gained much popularity since it is the great location. 

We all know that the state is covered with natural beauties but in the case of beaches it is very poor because of the shortest coastline in Brazil. It is a fabulous destination that is able to attract a large number of spectators towards its State and its State attractions. Geographically, the state has achieved different structured landscapes which are very attractive in look and allow all the tourists to visit its panoramic view.

In addition, the state of Piauí is home to about 4 classes of vegetation such as caatinga, savannah, semi-deciduous seasonal forest and coconut forest etc. It is considered that you can get a golden opportunity to experience nature with several mesmerizing amenities.

And this activity can be done by exploring all the Best Places to Visit in Piaui. Along this, it is well known for the excellent architecture and culture to which every tourist can travel towards it and explore also. 

Let us take attention towards the destinations of Piauí where these are located for the tourists for their exploration. For the natural structure and formations of the location, the people are gathered here to experience this feature. To know more facts and information about the state, look at the following article given below. 

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Parnaíba River Delta

Best Places to Visit in Piaui

It is an abundant featured tourist attraction that is situated on the border with maranhao. The place consists of natural resources like rivers, sand and vegetation etc. It is considered as the most visited destination in the state of Piauí and one of the incredible Places to visit in Piaui.

The length of the river is about 870 mi and it has a basin which is about 3,44,112 km² in size. The river is home to several aquaculture and very rich with fish species.

It has the most beautiful structure which is very attractive in view and is very popular for its mesmerizing landscapes. The river is a very good collection of wetlands, dunes, lakes, wildlife and water features etc and also considered as a heavenly place in the province. 

Serra da Capivara National Park

Places to visit in Piauí

It is one of the most attractive destinations in the state of Piauí which is a great chance for the spectators to enjoy the view of nature slightly. It is a very beautiful national park that is based on historical treasure and is very important for the entire America. In the national park you can get to see great rock formations and more than 30k cave paintings.

So, for  these types of features it is very popular in the state and is also able to take the attention of visitors towards the destination. The national park has taken the role to protect nature and its nearby attractions and is considered as the oldest and largest concentration of prehistoric sites.

The viewpoint of the attraction is enough to astonish the tourism and very attractive in nature. So, it draws thousands of visitors throughout the year. 

Sete Cidades National Park

Places to visit in Piauí. Sete Cidades National Park

Another most fabulous destination in the region is known as Sete Cidades National Park that is located in the places of cerrado and caatinga biomes. Like the Serra da Capivara National Park, it has the most beautiful rock formations and mesmerizing paintings for which the people come to the attraction for exploring.

With the gorgeous sights, the national park is very rich and is home to great monuments that are created by nature. The destination is surrounded with natural vegetation which is based on lush greenery and is a shelter to many animals and living creatures.

Most people are adoring this National park for visiting and enjoying the scenic beauty of the location. It has a very calm and cold climate by which you can relax for more times. So, you don’t miss this attraction to add to your travel list. 

Pedra do Sal Beach

Places to visit in Piauí

With the shortest coastline in Brazil, the state offers to explore the stunning destination called as Pedra do Sal Beach. In view the destination looks much prettier and is an ideal destination for water sports like surfing, diving and swimming etc. The beach has stunning water and long stretched sand which is large in nature.

It is the calm sea in the region where a large number of tourists come to the destination for exploring. It has most attractive landscapes that are adjacent to the beach and for the transparent blue water the beach is very popular among the locals and non residents. Everyone is allowed to visit the attraction so, with your family and relatives you can explore the beach without any problem. 

Fossil Forest Park

Another most visited attraction is known as Fossil Forest Park that is located in the urban area of Teresina. It is considered as an open-area natural museum and is well known for paleontological treasures in the state. The people believe that formerly the park was home to various dinosaurs and the attraction is completely covered with rich vegetation.

In the park you can get to see the oldest tree and more than 250 million years old fossilized trees are found in the region. It has very much potential to where you can enjoy the sights without any disturbance and the journey will be curious for you. 

Screamer’s Lookout

Places to visit in Piauí

One of the most incredible attractions in the state is known as Screamer’s Lookout which is a great example of a beautiful nature and most beautiful landscape in the region. Since the attraction is surrounded with panoramic viewpoints, it is listed in Places to visit in Piaui.

With the lush greenery the destination looks more attractive and the pretty view of this sight is able to attract a large number of spectators towards the place. It is an open area that offers you to enjoy the scenery from far away and the locals are always seen at the destination every time.

This feature is called the main attraction for which it is very popular in the entire state. Some curious facts are also included to the destination to which you can be aware by visiting. In addition, it is situated on a peak of 720 meters high. From where the view gets much more attractive. 

Coqueiro Beach

Places to visit in Piauí

It is the most beautiful experience to visit the beach of coqueiro in the region because the beach consists of white sand and offers a chance to explore the stunning water here. On the beach you can get to see several coconut trees and other vegetation. In addition, the attraction has a beautiful natural pool where everyone can get the experience of bathing. 

From the different regions the people come to the destination to enjoy the panoramic view of the beach and also be able to do watersports here. It is a calm sea beach that’s very rich with stunning landscapes. Not only this, it is a worthwhile place for the visitors and always welcoming to travelers to explore the beach thoroughly. 

Portinho Lagoon

Portinho Lagoon

Portinho Lagoon is the most visited attraction which is very famous as a lagoon in the state of Piauí. To enjoy the stunning water and white stretched sand most people are choosing this destination for exploring. It has a clean beach and that offers warm water to the spectators.

It is home to different kinds of ecosystems where you can get to see various species and aquaculture. For the attractive landscapes, the beach has gained much more popularity in the entire state and is also able to draw a large number of tourists towards the destination.

It has an incredible viewpoint to which everyone can enjoy relaxation. The attraction offers several activities in the water such as boating, surfing, swimming and jet-skis etc. Banana boat is an adorable feature in the region that is placed for the visitors. 

Ecological Park of Cachoeira do Urubu

If you are searching for an outstanding waterfall in the state of Piauí then Cachoeira do Urubu is a very good chance to visit. The place is famous for its Ecological Park which also consists of the waterfall and allows all the tourists to enjoy this paradise. Here you can get to see very well rock formations and can make observations of piracema.

The months between January to April you can explore the attraction easily and it is the perfect time for visiting the park. It is considered as the main park that is a part of natural attractions in the state. So, you visit the place with your family or friends without any doubt. 

São José de Teresina Central Market

It is the well known local market which is located in the capital city, Teresina. The market is famous for local culture, flavors and aromas. It is the perfect destination for residents where they can fulfill their necessary things and is also a popular tourist attraction in the region.

There are several types of items provided to the people but the most adoring things are its handicrafts, delicious snacks and seasonings for which most visitors come to explore the Market. The work of the central market was dating from the 19th century and nowadays it is also very rich in its features as before. It is one of the most attractive postcards that is considered among best places in Piauí. 

Engenho Velho Waterfall 

In the region, it is the greatest experience destination which is completely surrounded with natural landscapes and one of the colorful waterfalls in the state of Piauí. With the breathtaking scenery the attraction is very famous and the peak of the falls is about 50 meter elevation.

The waterfall offers everyone to enjoy its dynamic views and enjoy all the stunning features here. On the falls you can get to see several gem stones and other mesmerizing sights by which everyone can be impressed within a second.

To experience nature thoroughly, it is a great option where you can enjoy all the single packages of the destination. In addition, it allows you for several activities such as trail riding, hiking, walking and strolling etc. 

Salto Liso Waterfall 

Salto Liso Waterfall 

Salto Liso Waterfall is one of the best Places to visit in Piaui, which is very popular for its stunning nature and panoramic viewpoints. The height of the falls is about 35 meters and the water falling from the peak looks very attractive in nature. To enjoy this feature, most people are attending the attraction as visitors.

If you will see, the area of the falls is covered with dense vegetation and plants are taking the main role to enhance the beauty of this sight. In the sunlight, the falls show its dynamic scenery with dazzling water particles. For the presence of these types of features the destination has earned very much popularity in the province. The formation of the place is totally natural and offers to explore its mesmerizing landscapes. 

Lira Eco Park 

If you have forgotten to list the destination in your trip then add this park which is located at a distance of 169 km from the city of Teresina. It is considered as one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the state which is known as the most visited destination here. To explore the park most tourists come to the place from different locations.

For the natural enthusiastic and adventure lovers, it is an ideal tourist spot because the attraction offers several naturalist exercises such as stand up paddle, trails, zip lines, kayaking and other activities.

Most people adore the park because of its glamorous picturesque and unbelievable landscapes. The park is the best collection of other natural beauties as a result you may need much more time to make your trip complete. 

Meeting of the Rivers Environmental Park

One of the stunning attractions in the state of Piauí is known as “Meeting of the Rivers Environmental Park”. The destination is seen in the capital city of Piauí, Teresina. It is considered as the most beautiful sightseeing destination in the region and is the great meeting point of the waters in the state.

With the charming gastronomy, art and history the place is very rich in the entire state. Due to a number of natural resources, the attraction is able to attract a large number of tourists towards the city.

It is offered to you to know a mysterious story about “Cabeça de Cuia” and also a story about a legendary boy who has killed her mother because he doesn’t like her mother’s recipe or food. To know more about the place you can explore the destination with your family or relatives. 

Barra Grande beach

Places to visit in Piauí

Another enchanting sight in this region is known as Barra Grande beach which is located in the heart of the state and very good in its natural views. The attraction consists of several stunning features such as white sand, strong wind, smooth sea and shallow waters etc.

It has a long and vast lagoon that represents a very beautiful experience for several types of activities. The activities include surfing, snorkeling, swimming, diving and bathing etc. Here you can get to see gorgeous and delicious bars where you can spend your night joyfully. 

Serra das Confusões National Park

Places to visit in Piauí

Serra das Confusões National Park is a great weekend attraction which is considered as the most visited attraction in the state. The national park is very with its mesmerizing landscapes that most people come to this destination to enjoy the panoramic view of nature.

The park was created in the year of 1998, on 2nd October and is spread over the municipalities of Redenção do Gurgueia, Alvorada do Gurguéia, Brejo do Piauí and Bom Jesus etc. It has great biodiversity where different kinds of species are preserved with proper care. It is considered one of the largest parks in the state and also listed among beautiful Places to visit in Piaui. 

Where to Stay in Piauí

Are you looking for a perfect accommodation in the state of Piauí? Then look at the article. To explore all the top Places in Piauí, then you have to need good hotels in the region by which you can explore all the places without any problem. The hotels are available here from cheap rate to experience and the given hotels can be obtained at affordable prices. Several hotels are mentioned in below paragraphs by which you will be awarded the accommodation. 

Pousada Vila do Carmo

It is a fabulous hotel that’s located in the city of Parnaíba, Piauí. It is considered as one of the luxurious hotels in the region which is offered with several amenities such as media, technology, bathroom, food, drink and other services. In the bathroom you can use toilet paper, towel, private bathroom, WC and shower etc.

There is a free parking area on the hotel surface where everyone can park their private vehicles. In addition, the wifi access is available in a public area for the customers. For any type of conversation you can use the language of Portuguese here. 

Pousada Coqueiro Beach

One of the expensive and luxurious hotels in the state of Piauí is called Pousada Coqueiro Beach which is located at a distance of 1 km from the Coqueiro Beach. The hotel offers a beautiful outdoor swimming pool for the customers and it is one of the best features in hotel property.

Outside you can get to see a picnic area, sunbathing terrace and garden etc. In addition, you can use the internet and WiFi without any cost. Free parking space is also included in the hotel surface to which every customer can use for their private vehicle. You can use the languages of English and Portuguese here. 

Pousada Vila Cajuína

Another incredible hotel in the region is known as Pousada Vila Cajuína which is nestled in the city of Parnaíba and the hotel is attached with several mesmerizing features to which everyone is allowed to use. In the hotel you can see a free parking area to park the vehicle and the rooms of the hotel are attached with free wifi.

Some services are given for the people such as daily cleaning service, ironing service with additional charge and laundry facility etc. In addition, for the security of the customers fire extinguishers, CCTV in common areas, CCTV outside the property and alarm all are available in the hotel. It also allows you to use the Portuguese language for any type of conversation. 

Pousada Sonho de Mar

If you are searching for a perfect accommodation in the state then the hotel of Pousada Sonho de Mar is a great accommodation for you. The interesting fact of the hotel is it is allowed for pets on request and no external charges are required for this feature. Throughout the hotel you can get free WiFi with internet and the parking area can be used without any charges here.

In addition, several important services are provided to the customers such as Transport service with additional charge, Private check-in, banquet facilities, Room service and photocopying etc. Generally the outdoor swimming pool is the adorable feature of the hotel to which every visitor likes to enjoy. 

Pousada Cristo Rei

One of the incredible hotels in the state is Pousada Cristo Rei which is situated in Avenida Francisco Borges dos Santos, Parnaíba. As outdoor features you can find outdoor furniture, sunbathing terrace, barbecue facilities and garden etc. On request it is allowed you to bring pets they will take some changes for it.

All the rooms of the hotel are attached with free internet connection and all can access this feature without any charges. As security personnel, 24 hour security, fire extinguishers and alarms are available in the hotel property. For any conversation it is allowed you to speak in the language of Portuguese. 

Best time to Visit in Piauí

It is the most important context, what is the best time to visit Piauí ? This type of queries should come to the mind of every traveler because before going to a destination or city, you should have sufficient knowledge about the weather of that place. In the following paragraph, it is going to mention the best time to visit Piauí. 

It is said that the best time to visit Piauí is between the months of April – July because this time the environment of the destination enhances its dynamic picturesque and the view of the place looks more attractive. Since some beaches are mentioned as Places to visit in Piaui, the summer will be very grateful for you to explore.

Because in this time you can enjoy the several stunning features of the sea beach like watersports. The month of July is known as the coldest month in the region whose maximum temperature is about 31° Celsius. The rainy season can be experienced in the months of January – April and the average temperature in this time is about 33° Celsius.

Now you have to see which months or seasons are favorable for you to explore all sights in the state and for the trip you have to pre-planned also.

How to reach in Piauí

With the knowledge about convenience routes to the state of Piauí, you can reach here easily and quickly. It is the most important fact that without any information about the ways you may have to face several problems. To help you, we have mentioned several convenient routes for the state by which you can archive your destination within a few times. 

By Road: The roadway is one of the easiest routes to travel because it helps you to arrive in the state by several shortcuts. In the state there are several buses, cars and taxis which are always going on to different cities in Piauí.

So, it will be very helpful for your travel. Several bus stands are also available in the state and the cars can be used for traveling with some charges. 

By Air: If you are traveling by air then the trip will be unforgettable for you because traveling by air is the most experienced trip for everyone and by this route you can easily reach Piauí. 

The nearest airport to the state is Teresina airport which is located in the capital city of Piauí. After landing at the airport you can hire cars or taxis according to your convenience. 

Conclusion: Places to visit in State

The above article is completely based on Best Places to visit in Piaui and all the important information about the state is given in the article. The article shows that the sights in the state are very attractive in nature and are very popular due to its number of stunning features.

By exploring the destinations you will understand the importance of each attraction. So to enjoy the mesmerizing locations in the state come here and explore all thoroughly. Thank you. 

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