15 Best and Amazing Beaches Ilha Grande

Beaches in Ilha Grande: Everyday people are searching for new destinations to explore. There are uncountable and endless attractions for the spectacles and visitors in nature. With the beautiful landscapes, locations, view points, waterfalls and beaches the nature shines and provides its natural beauties significance for the tourists. In the article we have found a great destination that is known as Ilha Grande.

Ilha Grande is the contribution of nature for the Travelers. It is one of the most beautiful destinations in the country of Brazil which is surrounded with charming scenery, breathtaking beaches and incredible mountains etc. The destination is also known as a great island in the region that’s very famous for its natural beaches. Ilha Grande is located in the popular state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Besides beaches the island is very famous for Atlantic forest and winding trails. It is an astonishing fact that the island of Ilha Grande is home to more than 100 beaches and those beaches have favorable climate to explore. The largest island in the state is known as Ilha Grande and is considered as the sixth largest maritime in the country of Brazil. It is able to create a breathtaking environment for the spectacles and is considered as an adorable destination for Best Beaches in Ilha Grande.

The hilarious site in the island of Ilha Grande is called as Vila do Abraão and this region offers a mesmerizing market, health center, post office, primary school, detachments, port and inns to explore. In addition, the boats made their trip to the mainland. To lose yourself in intense green, it is the perfect destination and most tourists come to this island for speed boating on weekends.

Let’s understand the amazing facts about the island of Ilha Grande and beaches in Ilha Grande. Several beaches of the island are mentioned in the article. To gain knowledge or to get a brief description about the destination, read the following article and enjoy it.

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Lopes Mendes Beach

Things to do in Ilha Grande

One of the most beautiful beaches in the island of Ilha grande is known as Lopes Mendes Beach. It’s the great source of natural beauties and it offers to enjoy its dynamic and living landscapes. So that it is listed among best beaches in Ilha Grande. The beach is famous for its stunning water and more than 3 km of stretched sand.

It is considered as a worth visiting destination for the tourists but it doesn’t allow camping here anymore. It is not less than a solitary beach because of its location and the rock formation in the region create mesmerizing memories for the spectacles.

Meros Beach

Beache in Ilha Grande, Meros Beach

Another fabulous beach is called Praia dos Meros and it is located in Ilha Grande. The beach offers an opportunity to explore its ancient history and is home to traces of ancient civilizations. In addition, the most important discovery in the beach is known as underwater fauna and it can be explored through diving with instructors.

More than 3000 years ago, it was an inhabited place of ancient civilizations. This beach is also home to transparent water and white sand that represents the beach throughout the island of Ilha grande. To enjoy the marine life the beach allows for snorkeling and with the surrounding forests it looks much prettier than other beaches.

Red Beach

Beache in Ilha Grande

Red Beach is the great attraction to draw the attention of tourists and it is very rich with its natural features such as crystal clear water, white stretched sand, rock formation and surrounded flora. The beach is home to several starfish and pitanga trees. With dotted pitanga trees you can taste the delicious pitangas. On the beach all are allowed for boating and make their boat trips easily. Besides the stunning water and golden sand, you can explore the incredible mountains and spend their day full of joy and peace.

Feiticeira Beach

Beache in Ilha Grande

To experience marine life directly, Praia da Feiticeira is the best beach for everybody. The beach is very popular for its natural structure and formations. It is home to surrounded flowers, trees, and many wild animals. In addition, the most attractive element in the beach is known as golden sand and clear water.

You can also get to see small fishes and turtles. Besides this it is a great destination for swimming, snorkeling and diving etc. Along this the attraction has gained much fame for rock formations and most beautiful flowers. The destination works like an inhaler to worldly life and the people come here for relaxation.

Abraãozinho Beach

Beache in Ilha Grande

To make the sunny days interesting, the beach of Abraaozinho is very popular. The destination gets more attractive due to its surrounding natural beauties. Even if it is a private beach, most people come to visit this attraction with an excited mind. With some charges everyone can explore the sea through boating and the price may be pay from 5 dollar – 10 dollar each person.

It is an ideal beach for several activities such as snorkeling, diving, swimming, boating, and windsurfing etc. Due to this feature, a large number of tourists are seen in the beach of Abraaozinho and also considered as a great destination among beat beaches in Ilha Grande.

Dois Rios Beach

Beache in Ilha Grande

An incredible sea beach that consists of two freshwater rivers in Ilha Grande is known as Dois Rios beache. The destination represents its fantastic scenery under the open sky and gives an opportunity to tourism for visiting its significance features. The beach is very rich with its one kilometer long stretch of golden sand and gravel sea water.

Like other beaches it is covered with natural attractions such as mountains, trees, vegetation, and many creatures etc. At the beach, everyone is offered several exercises such as swimming, bathing, diving, windsurfing, surfing and fishing etc. In addition, for outstanding features, Praia de Dois Rios is listed among best beaches in Ilha Grande.

Saco do Céu Beach

Beache in Ilha Grande

Saco do Céu Beach is a great opportunity to explore a vibrant nature in Ilha Grande. It is one of the most attractive destinations in the island of Ilha Grande and included with best beaches Ilha Grande. It is a worthwhile attraction which attracts a large number of visitors towards the destination and the natural view of the beach increases with surrounding attractions.

The beach of Saco do Céu is very famous for crystal clear water and with an incredible Sand formation. In this attraction you can do your desirable activities such as swimming, surfing, windsurfing, diving and moving along the coastline etc. In addition, it is considered that boating is the most beautiful experience on this beach.

Araçatiba Beach

Beache in Ilha Grande

Another most fabulous destination in the island of Ilha Grande is called Araçatiba Beach which is very good in all kinds of features and represents its hidden qualities for the spectacles. Like other beaches, it is very rich with beautiful vegetation and is a great paradise in the province.

The Beach is formed by the Maricá lagoon and for the trailing on the beach it is an ideal location. From different regions residents come to the beach to explore and enjoy its facilities freely. The destination offers a natural view and scenery. Most people are fascinated towards the beach and explore it with their family and friends.

Caxadaço Beach

Beache in Ilha Grande

One of the wildest destinations in Ilha Grande is known as Caxadaço beach which is covered with wild forest from every side of the beach. The beach is very popular with transparent water, ancient rock formation, along with a crystalline pool. The view of the beach is really unbelievable and attractive in nature for which a large number of people come to the destination for exploring.

For the nature lovers it is an ideal destination to visit and with the nearby attractions all the tourists are pleased. The structure of the beach and its nearby locations are very joyful and comfortable to see. With the lush greenery the destination becomes more attractive than other beaches.

Parnaioca Beach

Beache in Ilha Grande

Another gorgeous and wildest destination is called Parnaioca Beach which is located in the south region of the island of Ilha Grande. The beach has gained much more fame due to its high mountains and wonder paradise environment. The most important thing about the destination is its stunning water and white sands.

Everyone can discover their new attractions by traveling along the coastline and can enjoy the natural formations of wild trees, mountains and open sea etc. The lush greenery has covered the beach from every corner and that creates an outstanding design with stretched sand and vegetation. From other beaches it is unique for its natural structure so it is also considered in best beaches in Ilha Grande.

Blue Lagoon

Beache in Ilha Grande

If you are searching for an excellent destination to explore, the Blue Lagoon beach is perfect for you. The beach is offered with beautiful scenery of natural climate. At the beach you can have a joyful moment and experience the beautiful structure of the turquoise water with white mesmerizing sand. In addition, it is also home to several starfish and aquaculture.

It is also considered as the most visited destination in the island of Ilha Grande and a large number of spectacles are coming to the beach to enjoy its dynamic significance. The location of the region was included with the famous film, “The Blue Lagoon”. Besides this, the beach is considered a second wonder among 7 wonders in Ilha Grande.

Aventureiro Beach

Aventureiro Beach

Among the beautiful beaches in Ilha Grande, Aventureiro Beach is the most famous destination of the island and it is very rich with its natural landscape. For adventurous activities it is the great destination and maximum adventure lovers come to the beach. The stunning water and long stretched sand are making the entire beach famous in the island.

So the crowd of people always stays constant. In addition, on the beach the view points are very attractive in nature. By which everyone can enjoy nature with several interesting queries. For the tourists the beach is always allowed to visit so, come to the destination and enjoy it with your friends or family.

Bica Beach

Bica Beach

Bica beach is one of the most visited destinations in Ilha Grande. It is a great beach for sunbathing and it offers a breathtaking climate for relaxation. The beach offers several activities such as swimming, snorkeling, kitesurfing and windsurfing etc. The satisfying view of the destination is sunset watching and to enjoy this phenomenon a large number of people come here in the evening.

Canto Beach

Canto Beach

Another most attractive beach is known as Praia do Canto. It is one of the incredible beaches de Ilha Grande. The destination is covered with natural beauties such as open sky, greenery Vegetation, mountains and trees etc. For swimming the beach is very popular and offers several interesting facts about the destination. In addition, It is allowed to explore the sights on the beach while trailing. Due to the large number of people it is considered a famous destination in Ilha Grande.

Praia da Julia

Julia Beach

Praia da Julia is the great beach in the island of Ilha which is very famous for its stunning water and long stretched white sand. It is considered a calm and peaceful destination in the province to where a large number of spectators come to enjoy its present significance. The beach is allowed for swimming, surfing, diving and snorkeling etc. For the adventure lovers it is a perfect destination to do some adventurous activities. The boating facilities are also available for the visitors. So, if you are in the island of Ilha grande then you should visit it once.

Where to stay Ilha Grande

To explore all the beaches in Ilha Grande, everyone has to stay for several days on the island. This problem can be solved by better accommodations here. So, before visiting the destination you should have sufficient knowledge about the “where to stay”. For your convenience we have taken many suitable hotels for you and here you can get to see the hotels from cheap to expensive prices.

Pousada Aquarela do Mar

It is a great accommodation in the island for the visitors which is located in Rua da Praia Rua da Praia, Abraão. This hotel is seen within the distance of 70m from Abraao Beach and features different kinds of amenities. The rooms of the hotel are offered with free wifi and internet.

In addition, the bathroom is included with toilet paper, private bathroom, free toiletries and shower etc. The garden is one of the vibrant features in the hotel and the customers also enjoy the garden freely. But here you will not get any types of parking facilities here.

Pousada Casablanca

Within the 50m Pousada Casablanca is the best hotel for the visitors and everyone can reach here easily. The hotel is offered with a Safety deposit box and Fire extinguishers for safety purposes. Generally, many amenities are attached with the room such as air conditioner, fans, iron and non-smoking room etc.

In the hotel you can get to see a beautiful balcony to enjoy the outdoor view. As technology, flat screen TV is included in the hotel and free internet is available here. For the conversation you can use the languages of English, Spanish, French and Portuguese etc.

Pousada Alfa

One of the luxurious hotels in the island of Ilha grande is known as Pousada Alfa. It is situated at a distance of 200m from the center and located in Rua da Praia, Abraão. Outdoor swimming pool is the great feature in the hotel to which everyone can enjoy without any charges.

The rooms of the hotel are attached with free wifi and internet connection. In addition, you can enjoy several incredible views such as inner courtyard view, landmark view, Mountain view, pool view, and garden view etc.

Lonier Praia Inn Flats

If you are searching for excellent accommodation in Ilha Grande then the hotel of Lonier Praia Inn Flats is perfect for you. The location of the hotel is very near to Abraão Beach and it offers fine dining options. The hotel has several interesting activities such as Diving, Snorkelling, Bike tours, Evening entertainment, Walking tours, cycling and hiking etc.

For the technology proposal, flat screen tv, cable channel and tv all are available in the hotel. No parking space is available here and for the safety, Safety deposit box, Smoke alarms, Key card access, and Fire extinguishers are included to the hotel property.

Pousada Albatroz

It is the other most fabulous hotel in the province which is located in Rua das Flores, 151 – Abraão, Abraão. The hotel is offered with air conditioner, minibar and a private bathroom etc. As outdoor properties, Outdoor furniture, balcony, terrace and garden etc are available for the customers.

If you are a pet lover then it is good news that the hotel allows the pet with some charges. Every area of the hotel is attached with free wifi and internet. The services such as Laundry, Luggage storage, and Daily housekeeping are given by the hotel employees. For any type of queries you can use the languages of English, Spanish and Portuguese etc.

Best time to visit Ilha Grande

Before going to an unknown destination we should have enough knowledge about the weather conditions of that location and the question must come to mind “best time to visit”.

The weather of Ilha Grande is not constant every season so, to explore the Beaches in Ilha Grande you have to select the best months or season. For your convenience the information about the weather on the island is mentioned below paragraphs.

Summer is the high peak season to explore the island of Ilha Grande. This time a large number of spectacles are coming to visit the destination and enjoy its present beaches. It is the favorable time for the visitors to visit the entire attraction.

The season comes from November – February and it is also considered the best time to visit Ilha Grande. The average temperature is about 25° celsius in this season. That’s why everyone likes the destination to explore in these months.

Rainy days are not suitable for exploring the destination because the tourists will have to face several problems about the rainfalls. The monsoon comes from the months of March – December and its average temperature is about 20° celcius. For the different kinds of drawbacks the people are ignoring these months to visit Ilha Grande.

The month of July is considered as the coldest season in the island of Ilha Grande. This time everyone has to take winter clothes to get relief from the cold. Since we are focusing on exploring the best beaches in Ilha Grande, avoid this season to explore.

The maximum temperature at this time is about 26° celcius. Now it is dependent upon you which season will be good for you to explore the entire island easily and without any problem.

How to reach Ilha Grande

There are several conventional ways to arrive at Ilha Grande. But if you’re new about the destination then you will have to gain knowledge about the routes of the island. To help you, we have mentioned several advantages for the island by which you can reach your destination without any complications. The information about two ways such as by air and by road is mentioned below.

By Road: It is very easy to reach on Ilha Grande Island because there are best facilities for boating. First-ever you have to travel to Angra dos Reis by any vehicle such as car, bus, taxi or private vehicles etc. The secure travel can be done by car because there are a lot of parking spaces in Angra dos Reis. After reaching this location you can book the boat for the island of Ilha Grande.

By Air: The fastest and most beautiful journey can be done by air but it will be expensive to travel. You have to see the airplanes according to the time table and its direction. The nearest airport to the island is known as Rio de Janeiro Jacarepaguá (RRJ) Airport which is located at a distance of 90 km from the island. After landing at the airport you can hire cars, or taxis for remaining trips.

Conclusion: Beache in Ilha Grande

From the above article it is concluded that every beach in Ilha Grande can be reached with simple ways. The beaches are not less than beautiful natural attractions in the island and to explore only the beaches most people come to the destination from every corner of the country.

Along with this you can also see the rush of foreigners here. With different kinds of features the beaches are very rich and able to attract the spectacles towards themselves. The whole article and the information about the best beaches Ilha Grande is mentioned with interesting details for you. So, don’t miss out on the destination if you are in the province of Ilha Grande. Thank you.

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