13 Best Beaches in Miami Florida

The country of the United States is home to the most vibrant beaches with several stunning features. The beaches of the country are breathtaking in nature and that has taken a main role to take the attention of every tourist towards the beaches of the United States. Since it is a true fact that this country has a great collection of natural and beautiful beaches, we are going to discuss mesmerizing beaches in southern Florida, Miami.

Miami is a great city in southern Florida that consists of so many outstanding landscapes such as rivers, canals, bays and the Atlantic Ocean etc. But the most attentive destination of the region is known as Praia de Miami. The city of Miami has gained much more fame due to its fabulous beaches and the people are mostly adoring these types of attractions in the city.

The third richest city in the country of the United States is called Miami because of several large national and international companies. In the city you are offered to visit all the destinations without any restrictions and problems. That’s why the city of Miami can be explored with high expectations.

It is considered that the city is a coastal metropolis in South Florida and has the third-largest skyline in the U.S. And it is considered that the city acts like the best gateway of the Americas and most international flights are able to fly to the country.

Let’s take your attention towards the city of Miami for which it is famous in the country. In the article we are going to discuss about best Beaches in Miami and all the important information about the beaches will be mentioned below.

Hollywood Beach

best beaches in miami

One of the stunning attractions in the city of Miami is known as Hollywood beach which is located in Florida. The beach is very famous for its transparent water and white stretched sand. It is a worthwhile destination that offers a boardwalk for running, walking and sports in coastal areas.

To enjoy the warm light of the sun it is an ideal beach where a large number of spectators come to explore. It is a well structured beach that’s very rich water sports such as swimming, boating, surfing and diving etc. In addition, the beach offers a mesmerizing scenery of sunset in the evening and for this type of feature it is listed among Best Beaches in Miami.

Haulover Beach

Haulover Beach

Haulover Beach is the most beautiful attraction in the city which is considered as the longest beach in the region. The coastline of the beach seems to be a desert, but it is one of the most famous beaches in Florida. The beach of Haulover is calm and peaceful in nature and is surrounded with so many natural beauties.

Most people are choosing this attraction for several activities such as swimming, windsurfing, diving and fishing etc. It is considered as one of the most outstanding landscapes in Miami. In the year of 2009, the beach created the world record in skinny-dipping that’s why it is able to draw the attention of every spectator.

Key Biscayne

best beaches in miami

Another fabulous beach is called Key Biscayne that’s home to the most beautiful landscapes and is famous for its stunning water and white coastline. The color of the sea water is blue and very calm in nature. Like other beaches, it is also an ideal destination for swimming, surfing, snorkeling and diving etc. The beach is totally covered with a number of coconut trees and other vegetation.

In addition, you are allowed to visit a beautiful lighthouse that is built on a stretch of coast. The beach can be reached easily because it is just next to the city of Miami.

South Beach

best beaches in miami

It is a well known beach in the region and popular among the residents. The south beach is very famous for its natural formation and landscapes. In addition, it is considered as the most visited destination in the city and is listed among beat beaches in Miami. The destination offers to explore Lincoln road and it is home to dozens of Stores that are why the visitors are attracted towards the beach with maximum number. Besides this, the place allows you to visit ocean drive and is very rich with commercial establishments and architecture. So, you should not miss out on this beach to explore.

Lummus Park Beach

best beaches in miami

Lummus Park Beach is a great opportunity to experience the significance of nature closely because the destination is represented with natural beauties and nearby incredible attractions. It creates its mesmerizing sights with the twinkling water by sunlight and the sand of the beach looks golden in color. This beautiful landscape offers biking, hike and any other sports etc. It is a great chance to enjoy the transparent water under the open sky and the destination is specially known for outdoor activities. In addition, the beach is surrounded with rich vegetation and coconut trees by which it is able to show its natural lush greenery form of nature.

Daytona Beach

best beaches in miami

The most beautiful destination in the city of Miami is called Daytona Beach and it is very popular among the tourists due to the Daytona international speedway. Since the destination always stays with crowded people, it is considered one of the busiest beaches in Miami and is listed among best beaches in Miami. Daytona is incredible because it offers a visit to a gorgeous amphitheater which arranges several types of summer festivals. The international speedway of Daytona hosts February’s iconic Daytona 500 NASCAR race and the beach is allowed with waterslides, laser tag and go-karts etc.

Cocoa Beach

If you are searching for a great weekend destination in the city then cocoa beach is the perfect option for you because most people are visiting the destination at the end of the week. It is an ideal place that offers the family to explore the beach and is intended with natural sights. The destination allows all the spectators to enjoy all the significance of this beach and the people of different regions also come to explore the beach. In addition, the beach is attractive in nature because of its stunning water and darker sand. The characteristics of the beach are peaceful and it is a place that provides better relaxation.

St. Pete Beach

One of the long stretches of sand in the region is known as St. Pete beach. The beach is covered with a long area and offers an opportunity to explore the destination with a large number of tourists. It is a mesmerizing view that the end lines of the sky and the sea look like they are colliding with each other.

In addition, the beach is always provided with sunlight and to experience this phenomenon, most people are choosing the destination to visit. The beach is well structured with the transparent blue water and white sand. Along this, it is impossible to imagine the stretch of the beach that is considered to be the longest coastline in the province.

Matheson Hammock Beach

best beaches in miami

If you are searching for a breathtaking environment in Miami then Matheson Hammock Beach is a great destination for you. The beach consists of a circle shape and the people enjoy the panoramic view of the beach separately around the surface of the beach. It is considered as a natural pool of the region and also called as beautiful sea water.

In addition, the beach also offers to explore several Vegetation and surrounding natural attractions. Along this everybody is allowed to enjoy the outdoor activities such as diving, Snorkeling, swimming, surfing and windsurfing etc.

Mid Beach

best beaches in miami

Mid beach is known as the greatest and most beautiful attraction in the region because of its glamorous picturesque. The important dignity of the destination is its stunning transparent water and white long stretched sand. Due to its natural beauties, the destination is able to draw a large number of tourists towards the beach.

It is considered as a most visited attraction in the city of Miami and is also listed among best beaches in Miami. In addition, it is an ideal place for several types of watersports like snorkeling, swimming and surfing etc. To the beach and on the coast line various kinds of shelters are provided for the visitors.

Surfside Beach

Another fabulous attraction in the city Miami is known as surfing beach which is very famous for being a cool beach town with a mysterious history. It is considered a bustling beach that is located between the towns of Bal Harbour and Miami Beach. The beach is seen just near to the city and it is very calm in nature.

For relaxation, it is an ideal destination and most people also come to the beach to enjoy their precious time. In addition, it is an excellent beach that’s very rich with glamorous history. Most residents and foreigners also come to the destination to explore the significance of the beach.

Crandon Park Beach

One of the stunning beaches in the city is called Crandon Park Beach that is situated on key Biscayne and is very popular with attractive landscapes. The beach is allowed to experience its natural scenery and offers several adventurous activities such as diving, Snorkeling and swimming etc.

It is a picturesque destination that is covered in stunning water with a beautiful coastline and also considered among best beaches in Miami. For the water sports lover it is the perfect destination where they all are allowed for sporting in the water. Since it is a great tourist attraction, most people visit this destination with their family or friends.

Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles beach is the marvelous destination in Miami that is very famous for natural attractions. The destination is covered with mesmerizing panoramic views and offers to enjoy the great picturesque view of the beach. It is allowed to explore its stunning sea water and white stretched sand.

In addition, it is considered as one of the peaceful beaches in the city of Miami and it is a great destination for outdoor sports in sea water such as diving, swimming, snorkeling and surfing etc. So, it is the best beach for you if you are searching for an incredible destination in Miami.

Where to stay in Miami

To explore all the best beaches in Miami, you have the mandatory necessity of the best accommodation in the city. Without good facilities about where to stay you may face several problems visiting all the sites here. So, for your convenience we have taken several convenient hotels according to your budgets like cheap hotels to expensive ones with incredible amenities. Let’s see which is perfect accommodation for you.

Hampton Inn & Suites

One of the most beautiful hotels in the city is called Hampton Inn & Suites. The hotel is located in downtown Miami and very near from the Brickell Metromover station. There are several incredible features included in the property of the hotel. The hotel offers a fabulous outdoor swimming pool to enjoy here and the rooms of the hotel are attached with free wifi and internet connection. You can also get to see a free parking area on site for your private vehicles.

Eurostars Langford

Another most fabulous hotel is known as Eurostars Langford which is situated 200m far from the center of the city. The hotel consists of several amazing features by which you can be beneficial. The amenities such as bathroom, room, kitchen, and living etc all types of facilities are available in the hotel.

In the bathroom you can get to see toilet paper, towels, private bathroom, toilet, robe and hair dryer etc. In addition, the rooms of the hotel are offered with free internet and WiFi connection. For the customers, flat screen tv, satellite channels, telephone and TV are included in the hotel property.


It is considered as a popular hotel in the region that is located in northeast 2nd Street, Miami. The hotel is known as a 4-star hotel and is called as one of the luxurious hotels in the city. On the hotel surface you can get to an incredible outdoor swimming pool to which everyone is allowed to enjoy. In addition, free parking space is attached on the outside and in the rooms, free wifi is given for the customers. On outdoor areas several amenities are available such as outdoor terrace, covered terrace and furniture in the outdoor area.

Hilton Miami downtown

One of the luxurious hotels in Miami is known as Hilton Miami downtown which is located at a distance of 2km from the center of the city. The hotel is offered to enjoy the outdoor swimming pool and is allowed to do several activities such as bike rental, live sporting events, music performances, entertainment and nightclub etc.

In addition, as technology proposes here you can get to see dock for ipad, flat screen tv, cable channels, radio, telephone and tv etc. Free internet and WiFi are also available in the hotel for the customers. Several laundry services are also given such as daily service cleaning, dry clean and laundry etc.

Element Miami Brickell

If you are searching for an incredible hotel in the city then Element Miami Brickell is a perfect accommodation for you. The hotel is considered as a 3-star hotel in the region and offers air-conditioned rooms, free bikes, free wifi and an outdoor swimming pool etc. In the kitchen you can see the microwave and refrigerator.

In addition, if you are a pet lover then it is allowed to have pets with some charges. Security facilities are given in hotels and for any type of conversation you can use the languages of English, Spanish, Hebrew and Russian etc.

Best time to visit Miami

There is an important context in the city that is the best time to visit in Miami because before going to this destination first-ever you should have sufficient knowledge about the weather of the destination. In the article we have mentioned the favorable climate and best time to visit for the city of Miami.

It is said that all the months of the year are very beneficial to explore best beaches in Miami but the best time to visit beaches in Summer is very good. So, it is preferred that you must come to these destinations from the months of March – May and its average temperature is about 18° celcius. It is informed that this time the destination draws a large number of visitors. So it is a great opportunity to explore the beaches at this time.

How to reach Miami

For your convenience we have mentioned several facilities about the route towards the city of Miami and by the information you can easily reach at your favorite destinations. So, read the following paragraphs and know the roadmap of the city.

By Road: If you are traveling by road then it will be very good for you because by the route you can travel according to your convenience and at your own risks. For your trip you can hire buses and here you will find more than 95 routes that’s covered by buses. Otherwise in the city, you can get the advantages of cars and taxis.

By Air: It is a great way to travel towards the city, Miami because by the route you can easily reach your destination as soon as possible. For this type of trip you have to look for a better airport and flights. The nearest airport to the city is Miami (MIA) Airport and it is located at a distance of 9 miles from the city. After reaching the airport you just have to search for beneficial vehicles for your remaining trip.

Conclusion: Best Beaches in Miami

From the above article we all concluded that best beaches in Miami are very rich and attractive in nature. For that it is drawing a large number of people towards the destination. Besides being the most visited destination it is also considered as the most adoring beaches in Miami. From every corner of the country, people come here to explore the beaches. So, if you are wanting to visit stunning beaches in the country of the United States then the city of Miami is a perfect destination for you. Thank you for reading this article.

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