20 Top Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro

Top Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro: Most of the destinations are taken in several articles as a tourist guide here but it is not enough for the daily travelers because the visitors are searching new destinations around each famous attraction in their day to day life. With keeping this statement in mind we are publishing various attractions through our articles.

And you all know that there are many outstanding states, cities and regions in the country of Brazil. These attractions can be visited by the article and now we have a breathtaking destination in the region which is considered the Brazilian state, Rio de Janeiro.

The most visited and prominent attraction in the country of Brazil is known as the state of Rio de Janeiro, considered as a vibrant tourist destination in the region and has gained much more fame due to its numerous natural sights and landscapes. In addition, it has earned a lot of popularity as the second largest city and huge seaside city in the country, so you will not be disappointed by the bustling beaches in the region.

The state is nestled in the southeast of the country and has taken a role as the largest international tourist destination in Brazil for the visitors and travelers. If you overview the city, you will be surprised that a number of tourist sights are surrounding the city and always tends to attract the attention of every philosopher towards the destination.

The stunning attractions in Rio de Janeiro are especially responsible for representing the city of Rio de Janeiro all over the world so, apart from regional tourists, a large number of foreign tourists are listing this destination in their foreign trip guide.

It is believed that each attraction in the state are enough to visit a mesmerizing paradise in the region, the destination such as cultural landmarks, stadium, national park, botanical garden, science museum, park, garden, catholic cathedral, mountain peak, performing art theater, beaches, sambadrome, cultural center, bridge, Aquarium, modern art museum and fortress etc. are exclusive in the state.

In addition, these attractions offer you unforgettable experiences such as hiking, beaches, hang gliding, biking, carnival, paragliding, surfing, climbing and football matches etc. These all features can be enjoyed in only the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Let’s take your attention towards the article where the Top 20 Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro are mentioned with interesting facts and information. If you have curiosity about the city to gain knowledge then follow the following paragraphs given below.

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Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro: Ipanema

things to do in rio de janeiro

One of the prominent attractions in the state or city of Rio de Janeiro is known as Ipanema which is very famous for its stunning beach and landscape. The attraction is located in the South zone of the city and was founded by José Antônio Moreira in the year of 1894.

It is said that Ipanema is very rich with its number of architecture such as cinemas, theaters and many historic sites etc. The attraction is also able to represent its mesmerizing culture all over the city and several traditional groups such as Rola Preguiçosa circulate, Simpatia é Qualidade Amor and Banda de Ipanema are also seen during the carnival of Rio.

This beach provides several cafes, restaurants, bars, art galleries, theaters and clubs etc for the visitors. Geographically, Ipanema is located between the beaches of Copacabana and Leblon.

Jardim Botânico

things to do in rio de janeiro

If you are a nature enthusiast then the destination of Jardim Botânico is a perfect sight for you because the park is completely based on pure vegetation and lush greenery. In addition, the park is surrounded with mesmerizing landscapes, panoramic viewpoints, monuments and fountains.

Mainly, the attraction is popularly home to different kinds of species of plants and you will not believe that more than 8,000 types of plants are preserved here to show the visitors. It has also taken the role to protect the environment from exterior menace with its natural resources.

That’s why it is always in the heart of every nature lover and travelers. By the attraction you can find the real experience of the calmness of nature. The park was built dating back to the 1800s so, It is considered as the oldest and richest attraction in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Sugarloaf Mountain

things to do in rio de janeiro

Sugarloaf Mountain is a beautiful landscape in the city of Rio de Janeiro which is considered as a most visited peak in the region and most people also love to experience its stunning looks. For its cableway, it is popularly known worldwide and from a distance, the look of the attraction gets more precious and attractive.

The nearby sights around the attraction looks much prettier and the view from the several locations such as Tijuca Forest, Urca hill and Botafogo beach, is very attractive and impressive in nature. Most adventure lovers like to explore this destination for different kinds of adventurous activities.

In the year of 2012, it was listed among world heritage sites by UNESCO. The structure of this locale is totally based on natural sights, so it takes the attention of a large number of tourists towards the Mountain.


things to do in rio de janeiro

The most visited destination in the region is called the beach of Copacabana that’s very rich with its transparent water and sandy sea beach. Obviously, it is famous for a curious name “Little Princess of the Sea and Heart of the South Zone”. Apart from natural resources, you will get to see an excellent cultural and architecture here and to these features you can experience the destination without any queries.

Copacabana is one of the best attracton that’s always dedicated for the tourists and most people also love to explore this attraction. The place offers alternatives for swimming, bathing, surfing, snorkeling and diving etc.
If you want to visit the destination then you shall have to make your trip towards the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Christ the Redeemer

things to do in rio de janeiro

A most popular and highest peak of Rio de Janeiro is Christ the Redeemer which has a peak that’s elevation of 2,330 feet and a beautiful sculpture is seen, known as the statue of “Cristo Redentor”. The statue stands on the peak with outstretched arms. That’s why the people make the trip towards the attraction.

In the region it is believed that the statue of soapstone is one of the statue designs in the world and is a great monument for the city. In the city of Rio de Janeiro, the statue of Jesus Christ was built in 1931 by a French sculptor Paul Landowski. From a distance, the view of the statue is outstanding and marvelous.

It is made up of art deco style, so it is considered as an adorable design that’s famous all over the country and was also included in the new seven wonders in the world.

Santa Teresa Neighborhood

things to do in rio de janeiro

The best place is looking for the harbor of the city from a hill and the attraction tells spectators to experience the faded elegance of Rio’s. In the 20th century, the place was also home to several musicians, artists and writers. The attraction is very rich with its mesmerizing landscapes that’s why the destination is listed among Top Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro.

The scenery of the attraction is enough to attract a number of tourists towards the city and with the destination, you can experience the beauty of nature here. Mainly, this neighborhood is famous for its narrow streets and winding streets. In addition, the place offers visitors to experience the faded elegance of the city.

Tijuca National Park

things to do in rio de janeiro

To experience nature closely, you have to explore Tijuca National Park which is considered as the largest urban forest in the entire world. By the natural sights, landscapes and landmarks, the park is famous in the city and also listed among Top Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro.

The sights around the park are completely based on natural formation and it has a huge area of mountainous landscapes. The park is covered with rich vegetation and the nearby view of the park looks like lush greenery. It is obvious that the park is the prominent part of the Atlantic Forest Biosphere Preserve and the attractions of the park are able to attract millions of spectators towards this destination.

Tijuca National Park is also listed in world heritage sites by UNESCO and has an area of 3958 hectares in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The vibrant attraction of the park is considered to be the colossal sculpture of Christ the Redeemer and it is also an ideal place for numerous hiking trails.

Lagoa Neighborhood

things to do in rio de janeiro

Known as the third most special neighborhood in south america and is home to the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, considered as a large Lagoon in the region. For the charming picturesque, it is very adorable among the tourists. It is considered that in the Lagoa, there is a cycleway of 7.5 km long and several parks around the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas.

In nature the attraction represents its dynamic viewpoints for the visitors and most people also come to this Lagoa to explore its all mesmerizing sights. There is an enchanting four-mile path surrounding the Lagoa and this path is always a favorite for travelers. In addition, you will get to see cafes and restaurants along the coastline and also offers to experience the beyond sights of the attraction.

Parque Lage

things to do in rio de janeiro

If you have no idea about a peaceful environment and sight in the city then you can take your look towards the attraction of Parque Lage. It is considered as a most visited public park located at the foot of the Corcovado and is surrounded by rainforest. This park allows you to enjoy its garden, walking path and a small aquarium.

It is considered as a beautiful palazzo which was a home of a popular Italian singer, Gabriella Besanzoni and her husband. Nowadays, the monument works like an art school where free art exhibitions are hosted. Most people also decide to explore the destination as their weekend trip. No drawbacks are found at this destination so, you can easily visit this mansion with your friends or family.

Lapa Arches

things to do in rio de janeiro

In the mid 18th century, the Carioca Aqueduct was constructed and it is obvious that it acts like a conductor to supply drinking water to the city of Rio de Janeiro from the Carioca River. The attraction is popularly known as Arcos da Lapa and is an Aqueduct in the region. It is popularly known as one of the most visited places in Rio de Janeiro and has very famous stunning landscapes.

In the city, it is an incredible bridge which is a typical example of engineering and conical architecture. It is designed with impressive construction and most people also adore the architecture of the bridge. In addition, it connects the center of the city with an uphill Santa Teresa neighborhood. It is also a great proof of the ancient history of this region.

Theatro Municipal

things to do in rio de janeiro

Theatro Municipal is a most beautiful neoclassical building, situated in the center of the city. It is a municipal theater, considered the main opera house in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The residents believe that the building of the theater is built with a design of eclectic style and it consists of marble columns, green onyx staircases and gilded mirrors. It is the most important building that’s regarded by historical sites and architectural value.

It is obvious that the theater is included in the national heritage site of Brazil and was designated in the year of 1995. In this theater, you will get to see more than one mesmerizing attraction such as “the great hall” and the “noble room”. Along this it has a proof that the attraction is designed with many architectural styles such as Art Nouveau, Baroque and Renaissance. To enjoy the sights in Theatro Municipal, you have to visit this attraction.

Prainha Beach

things to do in rio de janeiro

One of the most attractive sea beaches in the city is called Prainha Beach which is bordered with jungle-covered hills and the beach is off half-moon shaped. It is listed as a part of the environmental protection area in the region. This beach has stunning water and long stretched white sand which makes it more attractive in nature and popular among the tourists.

It has lower crowds than other sights in the city yet it is very rich and confident with its incredible features. The most attractive feature of the beach is known as its transparent water, smooth waves and dazzling sands. Due to these types of features, the people love to explore the destination on weekends. In addition, it offers a small open air restaurant where you can get snacks and drinks according to your necessity.

Maracana Stadium

things to do in rio de janeiro

The people have a great notion that the game of football is a prominent sport in the country of Brazil so, to represent the game, a Maracana Stadium is built in the state and it is the highest capacity football venue in the world. The stadium is included with so many amenities by which the visitors may not face any problem at the time of match and it is considered that this is the most prominent tourist attraction in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

In 1950, the stadium was opened and at that time the stadium had an astonishing ability to host nearly 2 lakh spectators. But nowadays, it has reduced its capacity to seat the visitors. The reason is safety for the tourists and in South America, it is considered one of the largest stadiums that can seat upto 80000 people. If you are in the city then you can also enjoy the importance of the attraction.

Barra da Tijuca Beach

Barra da Tijuca Beach

Another most gorgeous beach in the city of Rio de Janeiro is called Barra da Tijuca Beach which is the longest beach in the region and is proud with its clean white sand and crystal clear water. It is also less crowded than others but allows tourists for several activities such as surfing, diving, swimming, snorkeling and bathing etc.

In addition, it offers everyone to explore its more than 700 stores, restaurants, large malls and shopping malls etc. It is considered as an upper-class neighborhood, situated on the Atlantic Ocean. In the region, you can freely enjoy the panoramic and dynamic view of the Barra da Tijuca Beach. Since it is known as the largest beach in the city, it boasts a large stretched sand and so far sea.

Lapa Neighborhood

If you have a great curiosity to enjoy the nightlife experience in Rio de Janeiro then Lapa Neighborhood will be a best option for you because the attraction is mainly famous for its incredible nightlife and most people also come to this place to enjoy this feature. Lapa Neighborhood is situated in the downtown of the city, known as “Centro”.

It is a colorful attraction that boasts live music clubs, open-air samba jams, dance halls as well as being renowned for its traditional bars. In addition, the destination is home to a number of historical monuments and is very popular for vibrant cultural life. Apart from this, it is also very rich with its nearby sights such as Escadaria Selarón, streets of lapa, the hill of Santa Teresa and Carioca Aqueduct etc.

São Bento

São Bento

Sao bento is the most impressive and architectural center in the region which is popularly known as a great monastery of São bento and is located on the hill above the harbor. It is considered as the vibrant Benedictine complex in the city and the interior of the church was designed by the renowned artists of Benedictine order.

The exclusive carving of the wall and ceiling was done by the work of a monk, called Domingos da Conceição. The monastery is also included with so many stunning works such as the choir chapel which has the silver work and more than 14 paintings by Ricardo do Pilar. The art work and the design of the church is most responsible to enhance the beauty of the attraction and is able to attract a large number of spectators towards the monastery.

Quinta da Boa Vista

Quinta da Boa Vista

The destination is considered as a gorgeous architecture in the region which is listed among Top Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro and is renowned as public parks and museums. It is a beautiful palace which was once the home of the royal and imperial family. In addition, the attraction is included with a weird national park that has a great collection of botanical, Zoological, ethnographic and archeology etc.

It has a wonderful park that is lined with lakes, caves and woodlands. Apart from this, the destination acts like a zoo that boasts nearly 2000 species such as birds, reptiles and mammals etc. The palace is also very famous as a peaceful tourist attraction in the region. So, you can also explore the destination with your family or friends.

Ilha Fiscal

Ilha Fiscal

One of the most visited attractions in the city of Rio de Janeiro is known as Ilha Fiscal, called as an excellent neo-Gothic castle in the region so, to visit this destination most people come to this place from different regions of the country. Mainly, a large number of spectators explore this attraction to enjoy the stunning architecture of the destination and it offers to enjoy the panoramic picturesque for the visitors here. In the region, it is a mesmerizing monument that allows one to enjoy all the stunning features of the place and everybody can easily explore this site with their family or friends.

Rio Niteroi bridge

things to do in rio de janeiro

The bridge of Rio Niteroi is one of the fascinating tourist attractions in the region which is very famous for its stunning architecture and beautiful construction. It is considered as the largest bridge in the country of Brazil as well as in Latin America that’s why a number of spectators travel towards this city to only enjoy the panoramic view of the bridge.

The central span elevation of the bridge is about 72 meters and is as long as 13.29 km. In 1974, the bridge was inaugurated and connects to the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói. By boating, you may completely understand the features of the attraction and can access Paquetá Island by traveling under the bridge. The attraction is also popularly known as box girder bridge in the country, Brazil.

Catacumba Natural Park

Catacumba Natural Park

If you are thinking about what to do in the city of Rio de Janeiro then you can travel towards the natural park of Catacumba which is filled with plants, flowers and trees. The destination offers you mesmerizing viewpoints in the region by which you can enjoy your weekend vacation with your co-travellers. For hiking, it is an ideal tourist destination and covers nearly 27 hectares of area in the locality.

It is considered as one of the most visited places, which is completed with mesmerizing natural picturesque, botanical garden, view of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freiras, and it always boasts dense forest. In addition, at the attraction you are allowed to do several activities such as zip lining, climbing wall, tree climbing and rappelling etc. For relaxation, it is a most beautiful destination and there is no doubt about this context.

Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro

You all know that the city of Rio de Janeiro consists of a vast area and boasts numerous breathtaking sightseeing. It is said that all the all tourist destinations in Rio de Janeiro can be explored without any problem but it seems impossible to travel all the sights in a single day.

So you must need the best options for accommodation in the city. For the visitors, we have taken several convenient Hotels and restaurants from different regions of the city and those are mentioned in the article with perfect explanation. Let’s read the following paragraphs given below.

Hotel Atlantico Prime

One of the best featured accommodations in the city of Rio de Janeiro is known as Hotel Atlantico Prime, located at a distance of 1.6 km from the center of the city. It is a perfect accommodation for the visitors where they all can get the amenities according to their necessity.

The hotel is featured with a restaurant, a free parking space where you can park your vehicle with somecharges, a bar and a fitness center etc. The lift facility is included in the property of the hotel , so you don’t need to use stairs for the top floors.

The rooms of the hotel are attached with free WiFi connection and everybody can access their internet freely. In the hotel, several cleaning services are also available such as daily housekeeping, ironing service, dry cleaning and laundry etc.

Royal Rio Palace Hotel

It is known as a great and luxurious hotel in the city, located in Rua Duvivier, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. One of the most useful amenities is included in the property of the hotel and offers many conventional services to the customers. On the surface of the hotel, 2 beautiful swimming pools are attached for the guests where they can swim and bathe easily.

With the swimming, the children’s playground is also available here and as outdoor features you will explore the outdoor furniture, sun terrace and terrace etc. In the bathroom you are allowed to use toilet paper, towels, private bathroom, free toiletries, hairdryer and shower etc. For entertainment, books, DVDs and music for children all the facilities are given in the hotel for the guests.

CDesign Hotel

The hotel is very famous for its stunning design and most people explore this attraction to enjoy the view of this work. It is considered as a fabulous accommodation in the city which is featured with several facilities. In the hotel, you will get to see advanced amenities by which all guests get satisfaction to stay here.

This hotel also offers an outdoor swimming pool for the customers and the rooms of the hotel are attached with free internet connection as well as included with air-conditioner. In addition, you are allowed some activities such as Stand-up comedy, Evening entertainment, Games room, Hiking, Table tennis, live sport events, aerobics and bike tours etc. It has additional charges for parking your vehicle and the cost of parking is almost R$ 52.50 per day.

Windsor Oceanico Hotel

Windsor Oceanico Hotel is a gorgeous accommodation in Rio de Janeiro that offers the panoramic view of the sea, situated in the Barra da Tijuca district. The hotel is completely based on incredible features which has a facility of lift and sauna. In technology, you will get to see flat-screen TV, cable channels and telephone etc.

Like other hotels, Windsor Oceanico Hotel is also included with free wifi that connects your internet connection. It has a good parking area and if you want to park your private vehicles in this parking area then you will have to pay the amount of R$ 40 per day.

The hotel also offers to guests reception services such as 24-hour front desk, Luggage storage and Concierge service etc. For safety , several equipment are available in the property of the hotel such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, security alarm and safety deposit box etc.

Royalty Barra Hotel

Situated in Avenida Pepe, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. The hotel of Royalty is considered as a 4-star hotel in the region which is known as one of the best accommodations in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It is a charming hotel, located in the seafront of Barra da Tijuca beach.

The interesting feature of the hotel is that it allows pets if you want and no extra charges are required for this facility. On the surface of the hotel, two swimming pools are available for the guests. It is one of the best features of the hotel to which most people like to explore.

Some services like Room service, Dry cleaning, Business center, photocopying and Concierge service, are given in the hotel. If you have any queries about the hotel then you can use the languages of Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Best time to visit Rio de Janeiro

If you want to explore the city of Rio de Janeiro and Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro, then you must have to understand about the favorable climate of this region because it is the most important context for a tourist before visiting an attraction or a destination. In this article, we have mentioned about the favorable and best time to visit Rio de Janeiro by which you will be satisfied with traveling towards the city.

Summer in Rio de Janeiro

It is obvious that the season of summer is the best time to explore the city of Rio de Janeiro and in this time the crowd of spectators are seen in the region and also considered as high tourist season. The season comes from the months of December – March and the maximum temperature of the environment in this time is almost 31° celsius. So, if you have chosen summer to explore the city then you can easily enjoy the stunning beaches here.

Winter in Rio de Janeiro

The season of winter is popularly known as low tourist season, the region which is considered as a very good time to visit the city. At this time, the average atmospheric temperature of this location is about 23° celsius. The season of winter falls between the months of June – September and the minimum temperature is nearly 18° celcius. In addition, it is believed that 18° celsius is enough to freeze Cariocas.

Spring in Rio de Janeiro

It is a beautiful season of the region of the city, known as the season of spring which falls from the months of September – December. The season provides a satisfactory experience for exploring all the stunning sights in the city of Rio de Janeiro and at this time the average atmospheric temperature of the region is appropriately 30° celsius. It is said that the region around the city gets more attractive with their nature view of colorful flowers, plants, vegetation and trees.

How to reach Rio de Janeiro

If you want to travel towards the city of Rio de Janeiro then don’t worry about this subject because there are several conventional routes to reach the city. You just have to be aware of this context. To help you, we have explained many routes like “by road” and “by air” through the article. To gain knowledge about this, you have to read the following paragraphs.

By road: we would like to inform you that traveling by road is a very good way to reach the city of Rio de Janeiro and in the city you will get to see different kinds of subways by which you can easily explore all the best places in Rio de Janeiro. In the city you can conventionally get vehicles to visit the city and if you face any problem for traveling then there are many private vehicles, taxis and cars that can be used for travel.

By Air: If you are traveling by air then it will be very useful and helpful to access the city quickly and easily. Because it is said that the air route is one of the fastest routes to reach any destination. If you are searching for a convenient airport near to the city then the airport of Santos Dumont is a perfect destination for you because this airport is located at a distance of 1.2 from the city of Rio de Janeiro. So that you also have no necessity to hire cars or taxis to arrive in the city.

Conclusion: Top Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro

It is all about the information of the city of Rio de Janeiro and in the article, we informed you numerous information about the city and best Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro. It is obvious that the city always boasts for its number of tourist sights and the destinations are also very impressive in nature and able to attract a number of spectators towards the city.

With the presence of article it is finalized that every attraction is the most visited and adorable in the city. That’s why the city of Rio de Janeiro has earned much more reputation all over the world. Thanks to all of you who follow the article.


Q. Which city is considered as the largest seaside city in Brazil ?

A. Rio de Janeiro

Q. Why is the city of Rio de Janeiro famous in the world ?

A. Due to its number of stunning sights.

Q. What is Rio de Janeiro famous for ?

A. Cidade Maravilhosa

Q. Which is the official language of the city ?

A. Portuguese

Q. Rio de Janeiro is located in ?

A. On the western part of the Atlantic coast of the country, Brazil.

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